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Xatar: Rapper’s Wealth & Income

Xatar: Rapper’s Wealth & Income
LabelAll or nothing records
Date of birth24 December 1981 (age 39)
Born inSanandaj, Iran
jobRapper, publisher, producer, entrepreneur
Full nameGiwar Hajabi

How much money does Xatar have?

Xatar (civil: Giwar Hajabi ) was born on December 24, 1981 in Sanandaj (Iran). His family fled to Iraq in the early 1980s because the First Gulf War broke out at that time. The Kurdish minority in Iraq was persecuted under Saddam Hussein. His parents were tortured and he was detained near the capital for three months. Xatar has experienced a lot of terrible and suffering in his homeland and while on the run. But he couldn’t let himself get down and is now a successful rapper. Xatar’s estimated net worth is $ 10 million.

Turbulent resume

The family fled to Bonn in 1985 after a stopover in Paris. Here Xatar took piano lessons at the age of nine , because his father was a music professor and apparently wished that his son would also become musically active. In 1993 there was the first interest in hip-hop, because the debut album The Chronic by Dr. Dre came out on the market.

He moved to London on suspicion of drug trafficking , studying both international business and music business at Metropolitan University between 2005 and 2007. His arrest warrant was overturned due to a lack of evidence and so he returned to Germany.

In December 2009 , however, he and three accomplices attacked a gold truck . The group stole precious metal worth 1.7 million euros. Xatar has now fled to Iraq via Moscow, but the Kurdish secret service tracked him down and even tortured him. In October 2010 the rapper was deported to Germany. This was followed by a sentence of eight years in prison, but an early release took place in December 2014.

Xatar is now a publisher, rapper, producer and entrepreneur. He has a fortune worth millions, which he generated through his music, restaurants, tobacco, labels and his book.

Label Alles oder Nix Records (AON)

At the end of the 1990s, Xatar had started rapping in the youth center and producing their own beats. In 2007 he founded his label Alles oder Nix Records , which is still more successful than ever today. The distribution is done by Groove Attack .

His first artists were SSIO and Samy. He released his first album in November 2008 under the title Alles oder nix . In addition to his artists, there were features, among others, features from Azad and La Honda. His debut album was indexed just under a year after its release. In 2011 he signed Schwesta Ewa.

His second album with the track No. 415 (his prisoner number) landed at number 19 on the album charts in Germany. In Austria on place 52 and in Switzerland on place 23. The new releases of his artists were done through his label despite his imprisonment.

Xatar’s financial breakthrough

In May 2015 he released the album Baba aller Babas and entered the German album charts at number 1. The album made it to number 3 in Switzerland and Austria. A success that was made possible above all by well-known features. On the album, among others, Olexesh and Haftbefehl were represented. His artists Schwesta Ewa and SSIO were also on the album, who had established themselves during his imprisonment. On the side , Xatar opened its first shisha bar in the same year.

At the end of 2015 his autobiography Alles oder Nix was published: We say the world is yours . He also founded a second music label called Kopfticker Records , in which rappers are signed who musically do not go with Alles or Nix Records .

Contract with Universal Music and new businesses

2017 was a crucial year for Xatar. He dissolved his second label and founded PUSH , where new artists who had at least 100,000 clicks could present themselves. If the music is well received, an artist contract will be presented.

Apart from the music, Xatar does not stay idle. His shisha tobacco brand Orijinal was founded in cooperation with Golden Pipe. With Massari in cooperation with DefShop he has also founded a company in the jewelry and fashion sector.

Acting-wise , he also appeared in the film Only God can judge me by Moritz Bleibtreu on . For the work he recorded a sampler together with Luciano, Lary, Disarstar and Soufian. He was also in the sitcom Blockbustaz and in the film Familiye .

At the beginning of 2018, the contract was signed with Universal Music , which took over the distribution for his label with immediate effect. It is not known how much money Xatar receives for each record sold.

Groove Attack TraX with Xatar

The Groove Attack TraX label was founded at the end of 2018 together with Groove Attack . The first artist was Mero, who attracted attention with his singles Baller los , Cloud 10 and Hobby Hobby . His album Ya Hero Ya Mero (March 2019) went straight to number 1 in the German album charts. Baller los has now been recognized for 100,000 records sold.

Xatar on Spotify

Xatar is no longer dependent on the music business. Still, he has very impressive numbers on Spotify too. The rapper has 316,680 monthly listeners , the number also results from people who have listened to at least one track within the last 30 days.

The amounts per stream vary greatly. According to Techbook magazine, the remuneration is between 0.006 and 0.0084 euro cents. At the maximum rate, it would amount to around 2,600 euros per month . However, other sources report $ 4,000 per million streams.

The rapper’s five most popular tracks on Spotify:

  • Ebb & Flood : around 117,000 euros with 13.8 million streams
  • Iz da : around 68,000 euros with 8 million streams
  • Balla : around 89,000 euros with 10 million streams
  • Original : around 55,700 euros with 6.6 million streams
  • Pääh : about 23,000 euros with 2.7 million streams

Monthly income from YouTube

VIVA and MTV have long been replaced by YouTube. The Google platform has meanwhile assumed a monopoly position. Those who are not on YouTube do not exist in today’s world – especially in the music industry.

On YouTube, the only source of income is advertising. 55 percent of this income goes to the creator. Musicians can already live from this income alone. In Germany, the YouTube channel ALLES OR NIX RECORDS is one of the most popular channels with more than 1.1 million subscribers.

The YouTube channel generates up to 43,000 euros in income per month. It should be noted, however, that SSIO, Schwesta Ewa, Eno, Samy and Xatar publish themselves via the YouTube channel. Thus, the income is shared among the artists and Xatar cannot keep the YouTube earnings alone.


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