“What The Hell? Be Natural! “: Madonna In a New Look? Fans Shudder At The New Look

With Madonna songs, she lands one world hit one after the other. A recent photo shows – even the 62-year-old world star does not deter from beauty ops – or is it just Instagram filters? Fans shocked.

  • “What the hell did you do?” Fans are shocked by the world star’s new look.
  • Madonna shows herself with a new face-lift.
  • Over 9000 comments under one picture.

New York – your hits belong in every playlist. From “ Like A Virgin ” to “ Frozen ” and “ Vogue ” – their songs are real classics. Over 35 years, the world star already in the music business. Even at the age of 62, Madonna is still on stage. But a photo shows: what happened to her face? Has Madonna had a bad face-lift or is she just trying out the new filters on Instagram and Snapchat? Either way: her fans shocked by the singer’s new look –shudder at even. “The new season of” The Walking Dead ” 2021 has begun”, even commented a user and allowed himself a joke at the expense of the world star.

Madonna in a new look: did the world star go under the knife?

High cheekbones, a narrow puffed face, and a pink pout. Madonna shows herself on her Instagram picture with a completely different face. “ Shiny Forehead” is how she describes her post. But, followers don’t necessarily notice her shiny forehead. It’s more of their face that they don’t recognize right away: “What the hell? Be natural ”,“ Who is the woman? You don’t look like Madonna anymore “,” Too many operations destroy your naturalness “,” Please stop using botox and fillers “- over 9000 comments are under her picture, which in no way positively relates to the singer’s new look. But did Madonna go under the knife – or is she just trying out the new filters on Instagram, Snapchat & Co.? The 62-year-old leaves it open.

After all, this is not the first time Madonna has shown herself with an Instagram filter on social networks. In mid-October, the world star shows himself with a selfie on which her fans can barely recognize the pop star again. Does Madonna want to join the hype about a radiant appearance and smooth skin? After all, many social media challenges show More reality on Instagram. Perhaps Madonna should let the challenge and the pictures go through her head – because of course, her new look is not.

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