Wedding At First Sight: Popular Couple Separated? He Finally Breaks The Silence

One year after their wedding, Melissa and Philipp have children at “Wedding at First Sight”. But happiness in love could break before birth. Philipp is now finally speaking the plain language.

Hamburg – Melissa (26) and Philipp (32) prove that science can turn into love. You are one of the five couples from ” Wedding at First Sight ” who are still together today. And not only that: The TV couple is already approaching offspring. But happiness in love could break before the birth – at least that’s what fans suspected.

Melissa and Philipp fall in love at first sight at their wedding

The educator and the car salesman fell in love in 2019 at the TV show ” Wedding at first sight “. As it turned out, that was just the beginning of their romantic love story. A year later, the couple announced that they had offspring.

Wedding at first sight: Melissa and Philipp are still a couple – still unhappy

Melissa and Philipp show on Instagram that the couple is still on cloud nine after the dome show. There, their reach increases suddenly after the TV broadcast. Melissa currently follows 72 thousand and Philipp 26 thousand fans. But while the couple was initially sharing happy snapshots, it now seems suspiciously quiet around the lovebirds. Philipp exacerbates the rumors of separation with a strange post. He looks back on the old days when he still had something easy with 280 women. The fans react in horror and are certain: Philipp and Melissa are one hundred percent separated.

Philip now refutes that. Melissa and he are still a couple. And yet it remains mysterious about the two. Because Melissa and Philipp should be on cloud nine just before birth. Instead, Philipp is surprisingly sad. Is he happy? “How can you be happy these days?” Replies the fitness lover on Instagram. After all, “everyone knows what is better, but no one knows what is going on”. And he is right. That remains a secret between Philipp and Melissa.

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