7 Ways To Help And Start A Business

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted people’s lives in many ways; However, one of the particular ways it affects it is forcing everyone to think very well about what they have been doing and what they want to do. Due to the Covid-19 many people are undertaking or will undertake important changes in their lives to appreciate and take advantage of those gifts or riches that in one way or another are available and that perhaps we’re not being recognized enough, such as life, family, health, a home, food, employment, a business or a company, knowledge, and skills, among others.

One of the big changes that some people develop or are developing is identifying, following and starting their life purpose.

What is the purpose of life?

The purpose of life corresponds to the maximum end of the existence of an individual or person. This is useful to guide the decisions or actions of an individual and allow this to find fulfillment in his existence.

Unfortunately, many people lack a life purpose or better still do not identify their purpose or develop it; therefore, they find it difficult to experience fulfillment in their lives.

One of the usual or common things that usually happens when a person is asked about their life purpose is to relate it to helping and serving.

They understand that many of the purposes of life are related to helping or serving and that many people impacted by COVID-19 wish to give greater priority to it, below, ideas are provided regarding how it can be undertaken from the purpose of life, even more, if it is related to helping or serving.

What is helping or serving?

Helping can be understood as developing some action for others to achieve a goal or solve a problem.

Who can be helped?

The development of aid, according to the objective or problem you decide to work, can impact:

  • Persons
  • Families
  • Teams
  • Organizations

Can helping or serving to be a business?

All the companies or businesses in the world focus their commercial activities on helping; this is called generating value or profit.

When a company or business stops helping or adding value, the market or customers gradually lose interest in their products; therefore, they stop buying from it, leading to its disappearance.

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Therefore, help can always be a business, ever, and more when the helped is willing to compensate or pay for help.

How can it be undertaken through help or service?

There are several ways by which you can help and start a business or company; the most regular are:

  1. Education

It corresponds to sharing knowledge or experience that allows others to have or improve their knowledge in a field of education or information, through which they can achieve an objective or solve a problem.

  1. Consulting and advice

Try to guide others for achieving a goal or solving a problem.

Coaching consists of providing support to others in solving problems and achieving objectives.

  1. Mentoring

It lies in guiding people or teams from experience in solving problems and reaching certain objectives.

  1. Service

Solve problems or develop a specific objective or activity for others.

  1. Property Development

Generate tangible products that allow solving a problem or achieving a certain objective.

  1. Marketing goods

Buy and sell goods that allow solving a product or achieving a goal.

8 Key areas in which to provide help and undertake after COVID19

With the COVID-19, the consumer worldwide has been presenting important changes in its priorities, needs, and requirements.

Given the above, some areas or requirements may be favored; therefore, they can be good opportunities to undertake and develop a life purpose, based on help or service, these, among others, are:

  1. Physical health
  2. Mental health
  3. Family Development
  4. Financial organization
  5. Development of technological skills
  6. Biosecurity
  7. Spirituality
  8. Education and development of competencies and skills


After the COVID-19, many people will be looking to undertake from their life purposes, which is generally related to helping or serving in a living area.

Some ways by which you can undertake from the purpose of life is through education, advice and consulting, coaching, mentoring, service, development of goods, or marketing of products.

Some areas or aspects in which it may be appropriate to undertake after COVID-19 are to help or serve physical health, mental health, family development, financial organization, development of technological skills, biosecurity, spirituality, education, or development specific skills.

Debbie Lentz
Accomplished Global Supply Chain executive with significant experience in the consumer products and retail industries with large brand name firms in the public and private sectors. Strategic and operational, drives change and creates efficiencies through integration of end to end process improvement focused on enhancing the customer experience and fostering company growth. Collaborative leader with high integrity who builds talented, results-oriented teams.


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