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The Youtuber Erik Range’s Net Worth

The Youtuber Erik Range’s Net Worth
Date of birth10 April 1977 (age 43)
Born inBraunschweig, Germany
marital statuspartnered with Pandorya
Full nameErik Range

How much money does Gronkh have?

There are people who love computer games and spend a lot of time with them. But some people do the same and earn a lot of money for it. One of those lucky guys who can finance his life with his hobby is Gronkh. The sympathetic gamer is currently clearly dominating the online portal YouTube with his videos. On June 25, 2014, it cracked a magical mark and had since enjoyed three million subscribers. There are now over 4.8 million. It should be obvious that these numbers bring nice merit. The YouTuber Gronkh was able to amass an estimated fortune of 2 million euros with videos.

Youtube isn’tisn’t the only source of income for Gronkh, however. On the one hand, the life shows Let’sLet’s Play Together, where he and Salazar stood in front of the camera on MyVideo from 2012-2014 to present games. The ProSiebenSat1 Group contributed a lot to the success of Studio 71. For a long time, money came into the house through the PlayNation.de website. According to Gronkh and Sarazar’sSarazar’s statements, this site’s advertising revenue earned them a normal salary. Since the two will act as managing directors of PlayMassive GmbH until the beginning of 2018 and employ a horde of employees, we estimate the salary a little higher. He is currently broadcasting his program on his two Twitch channels, “Gronkh” and “GronkhTV,” with an official radio license.

Youtube can make a lot of money

What Gronkh earns thanks to YouTube, probably only he knows. Only assumed earnings could be calculated based on around 35 million views. About 75% of these calls have to be deducted, affecting those viewers who use Adblock. This system makes it possible to hide advertising on the Internet completely. The remaining views bring about two euros per thousand viewers on YouTube. The calculation results in an income of around 180 thousand euros per year. This sum is around six times the income of an average earner. He is not yet one of the richest YouTubers, like his Swedish colleague Pewdiepie, but dominates Germany’s video view statistics.

It should be said that, as mentioned, Gronkh’sGronkh’s YouTube videos are by no means his only source of money. He also earns money with the successful Twitch channel. On the gaming platform Twitch, Gronkh has been streaming at least once a week since the end of 2014, and everyone can watch him gaming live. With over 500,000 followers on Twitch, the YouTube star generates enormous reach here too.

Who is Gronkh anyway?

Gronkh’sGronkh’s real name is Erik Range, and he was born on April 10, 1977, in Braunschweig. According to his own, rather jokingly intended information, his pseudonym originated from the name Gregor Ankh. Gronkh is a co-founder of PlayMassive GmbHand since June 2010, one of the managing directors. The second managing director is Valentin Rahmel, who is best known on the Internet as Salazar and often appears together with Gronkh. PlayMassive is a website that provides the latest news, reviews, and tips on computer games. In 2010, Gronkh started his Let’sLet’s Play videos, which he has published regularly since then. During his Let’sLet’s Plays, Gronkh records sequences in current computer games and comments on them very specially. It all started with a test recording of an online game that appeared on Gronkh’sGronkh’s YouTube channel at the time.

Money blessing through gambling

Today Gronkh belongs to the Let’sLet’s Play elite in Germany. It is precisely these Let’sLet’s Plays that give the German the merit that was already mentioned earlier. Game manufacturers jump on this extremely successful bandwagon and use Gronkh’sGronkh’s popularity for their advertising purposes, which they hope to achieve through cooperation. Increasing sales figures also let the youtuber’syoutuber’s salary curve rise again. So it happens that game developers ask Gronkh for his opinion even before a game is released and let him test the game. This cooperation brings higher profits for both sides. Let’sLet’s Plays first appeared in America around eight years ago and consisted of screenshots with comments. But what constitutes the fascination that leads to this windfall? Instead of gambling themselves, what makes people watch Gronkh do this?

Fascination and enthusiasm while watching

The answer is quite easy. On the one hand, people want to get an idea of ​​the computer game. Others look at those sequences where they stalled in the game and hope for a solution. In the meantime, a third group has emerged. You don’t want to play yourself; you want to watch Gronkh master the game’s tasks. The open, spontaneous, and, above all, not rehearsed statements are particularly appealing. Maybe it is the feeling of watching the big brother play that attracts people so magically, and that makes Let’sLet’s Plays so popular. In addition to the coveted Let’sLet’s Plays, Gronkh, as mentioned above, enjoys other sources of income.

Gambling can be hard work too

The fact is, one could get the impression that Gronkh was leading a fun and easy-going life and raking in thousands of euros for it. Far from it, the gaming world also requires hard work, often for more than eight hours a day. It is also a fact that the beginning was tough, and Salazar’sSalazar’s mother had to support the two financially. In the meantime, the tide has turned. However, nobody knows how much money is flowing into Gronkh’sGronkh’s pockets every day. However, insiders’ estimates are in the millions for an annual income, and it looks like the upper limit is still open.


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