10 Tips For Business In The New Normal

Communicate through your social networks, website, digital community, and your acquaintances of your return from activities, the new sanitary measures applied for your safety and schedules. For this new beginning, it is necessary to implement effective strategies to communicate the return of activities in a safe environment, with which it will seek to attract customers again. That small and medium business can adapt to the new context and reactivate their operations with success.

To help in this process, I share the following recommendations:

Test equipment and machinery

Make sure that everything turns on and works typically, especially those devices that have been turned off during these months. Maintain ventilation equipment to avoid recycling air from space frequently.

Train your team

It is essential to communicate the new measures to your team and advise them so that they can apply them correctly. To facilitate the supervision of these tasks, you can appoint someone to supervise the process. All your collaborators must know how to proceed in this context and understand the protocol.

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Cleans and disinfects

Each space of your premises, work instruments, furniture, and equipment must be kept in good condition. This should be repeated concerning the frequency of use, using disinfectant products in sprayers, towels, fiber or microfiber cloths or mops. For surfaces that could be damaged by chlorine, an ethanol concentration of 70% is recommended.

Apply the prevention rules of COVID-19

This includes both your collaborators and clients. Remember that protective equipment such as face masks and masks is mandatory, as well as hand disinfection, social distance, and temperature control. Only in this way can the number of coronavirus infections be reduced.

Prepare for any inspection

Remember that the authorities will be supervising that the businesses comply with the dates, hours, and measures stipulated for their restart of activities. Follow the national, state, and local regulations.

Let everyone know you’ve already opened

Communicate through your social networks, website, digital community, and your acquaintances of your return from activities, the new sanitary measures applied for their safety, and the schedules, promotions, and new services that you will have for your clients. Let them know that they will be safe with you.

Organize a reopening with friends and acquaintances

An event with close people can serve as a rehearsal and will allow you to foresee scenarios. It will also help you improve your procedures to ensure the safety, comfort, and satisfaction of your other clients. That their feedback allows you to enhance and prepare for future situations.

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What customers are your influencers

Ensuring that they feel safe, finding a quality service in your business that is well adapted to the new context, and enjoying a pleasant experience ensures that they recommend you and that you get publicity “by word of mouth.”

Improve home and take-away service

Through options such as delivery and pick up, a market will open for your products and services. You can innovate in tools such as the packaging you use and thus contribute to the branding of your brand. That the experience of your business goes beyond their facilities, they can also pamper your clients right to the door of their house.

Addressing health recommendations is of utmost importance to avoid sanctions and have to close again. This new context requires adapting, innovating, and generating new methods and tools so that businesses continue to function, and clients can continue to enjoy their services in complete safety.

Debbie Lentz
Accomplished Global Supply Chain executive with significant experience in the consumer products and retail industries with large brand name firms in the public and private sectors. Strategic and operational, drives change and creates efficiencies through integration of end to end process improvement focused on enhancing the customer experience and fostering company growth. Collaborative leader with high integrity who builds talented, results-oriented teams.

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