Standard Business Card Size & Dimensions Across the Globe

Standard Business Card Size – Yes you are at the right place! Today under our consideration the topic is Standard business card sizes across the globe and we are going to describe each and every bit of information to entertain you with the best knowledge. You might have a lot of questions in your mind like

  • What is the size of the business card in pixels?
  • How long will be the piece of string?

But here I must like to say that business card size may vary from region to region depending upon where you live and for what client you are designing business cards. It is highly recommended to go through the entire article and find out the best information regarding Standard Business Card size across the globe.

Standard business card size!

The standard size of the business card is just 3 inches by 2.5 inches. The main idea behind the size of the business card size is that it must match with the size of normal credit/debit card or driving license so that it can easily place in one’s purse, wallet, or dairy. [See Here How Much Does It Cost To Start A Business?]

Let’s discuss the sizes and measurements of MOO Business cards. This discussion will help you to get the idea of business card sizes if you are thinking to design your own or custom business card. Let’s have a look.

Our Standard business cards Size

The final business card size of our business card is just 84mm x 55mm. (mm = millimeter). That’s 3.30 inches’ x 2.16 inches. With the full HD images here comes the sizes in inches, pixels, and millimetres.

  • 1038 x 696 pixels
  • 88mm x 59mm
  • 3.46″ x 2.32″

Square business cards

Square business cards are always eye-catching, attractive, and appealing. Before designing any kind of business card you must know its actual size. The size is 65mm or 2.55 inches. As it is square that’s why all the sizes must be the same. [See Here How To Start a Cleaning Business In 2020]

  • 813 x 813 pixels (300 PPI)
  • 69mm x 69mm (300ppi)
  • 2.71” x 2.71” (300 PPI)

Mini Business Card Sizes

If you are a fan of mini business cards & looking for the accurate size of mini business cards, then here come our ideal sizes of mini business cards. The ideal size is 28mm x 70mm or 1.1 inches x 2.75 inches. Have a look at below

  • 874 x 378 pixels (300dpi)
  • 74mm x 32mm (300dpi)
  • 2.81” x 1.26” (300dpi)

Business Card Sizes Across the Globe

Here come the sizes that are being used in the world. Before moving ahead must have a look at the table shown below. We have mentioned the sizes in both millimeters & inches. (W Stands for Width & H stands for Height).

Standard Size in Millimeters Size in Inches
ISO 7810 ID-1 W: 85.60 H: 53.98 W: 3.370 H: 2.125
ISO 216 – A8 sized W: 74 H: 52 W: 2.913 H: 2.047
Australia W:90 H:55 W: 3.543 H: 1.968
United States W: 88.9 H: 50.8 W: 3.5 H: 2
Canada W: 89 H: 51 W: 3.5 H: 2
China W: 90 H: 54 W: 3.543 H: 2.125
Czech Republic W: 90 H: 50 W: 3.543 H: 1.968
France W: 85 H: 55 W: 3.346 H: 2.165
Germany W: 85 H: 55 W: 3.346 H: 2.165
Hungary W: 90 H: 50 W: 3.543 H: 1.968
Italy W: 85 H: 55 W: 3.346 H: 2.165
Netherlands W: 85 H: 55 W: 3.346 H: 2.165
Japan W:91 H:55 W: 3.582 H: 2.165
Russia W: 90 H: 50 W: 3.543 H: 1.968
Scandinavia W: 90 H: 55 W: 3.54 H: 2.165
Slovakia W: 90 H: 50 W: 3.543 H: 1.968
Spain W: 85 H: 55 W: 3.346 H: 2.165
Switzerland W: 85 H: 55 W: 3.346 H: 2.165
United Kingdom W: 85 H: 55 W: 3.346 H: 2.165

Business Card Design What Do You Need to Know?

A standard business card size in the U.S is 3.5 x 2 inches when printed. Be that as it may, you must include extra ⅛ of an inch for the drain area in case you’re utilizing colored foundations to guarantee there’s no white fringe around your business card, which can look peculiar. This implies you should set your record to 3,75 x 2.25 inches. [See Here Dan Bilzerian Net Worth 2020 – How He Made Millions of Dollars]

Before printing your business card, ensure its print-prepared. This incorporates setting the goals to 300DPI, changing over the shading mode to CMYK, and sending out a completed plan as both PDF and TIFF files.

You can spare a great deal of time when planning a business card by utilizing a pre-made business card layout.


All in all, the business card size may vary from region to region or country to country but normally the size of the business card matches the size of debit/credit card so that it can easily fit into the wallet.

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