Sophia Thomalla Reaps Shit Storm For A Seemingly Normal Picture – Fans Are Disgusted By A Body Part

Actress and presenter Sophia Thomalla is a real professional in the media industry. The 31-year-old now knows how to deal with hate comments – but she probably wouldn’t have expected that.

  • Sophia Thomalla gets a shit storm because of her arm.
  • Users always find something to complain about the actress.
  • “The Boss Hoss” star mixes with the comments.

Berlin – if you search, you will find – users and fans also thought when they looked at the new picture of actress Sophia Thomalla. The 31-year-old is sitting on a staircase – top-styled with black trousers, high heels, and an asymmetrical sweater, where the look on her tattooed arm catches the eye. Actually a normal picture. In her caption, Sophia describes that at the age of 20 she took care of her pension insurance.

“Me and down to earth sounds like a bad joke, but that’s how it is. My pension insurance, which I took out when I was almost 20, is the best example that the campaign suits me perfectly, ”she writes in her caption. Even if it’s cooperation – your fans and followers will find something in your picture that they want to complain about and get upset about. What happened?

Sophia Thomalla on Instagram: fans are shocked by the photo pose

Sophia stretches out her arm and supports it on her left leg – “ Old Sophia, what’s going on with your arm? “Was one of the first comments under her shared picture on Instagram. “Your arm is twisted,” you can also read under her post. As if that weren’t enough, users even get upset about why the stairs don’t have a handrail: “I have to grumble about the stairs, they don’t have a handrail at all. Not that you fall! ”. After all, everyone has something to complain about – Sophia writes in her caption: “Looking back on all of my advertising campaigns in recent years. I’ve never received so much positive feedback. Otherwise, someone always has something to complain about, but not here. I’m not used to it, so I’ll put another one right after it, ”said the 31-year-old.

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Alec Volkel, who was on the “ The Masked Singer ” stage as an alien that same evening, even mixed in with the comments: “I can complain if you need to,” comments the singer of “ The Boss Hoss ”. Sophia has not yet reacted to the allegations and comments – most likely she will not do either. The 31-year-old is a real power woman – she has not let hate comments get her down for a long time.

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