How Much Rich is Rita Ora British Singer

Date of birth26 November 1990 (age 30)
Born inPristina, Kosovo
nationalityGreat Britain
jobSinger, actress
Full nameRita Sahatçiu Ora

How rich is Rita Ora?

The Kosovar singer Rita Ora is currently one of the most successful musicians in Great Britain. By 2018 she released two albums and landed at the top of the UK charts with several songs. She is also active as an actress and has appeared in the three parts of the Shades of Gray series. Rita Ora’s estimated net worth is $ 25 million.

This is how Rita Ora generates her million dollar fortune

As a singer, Rita Ora makes most of the money with her music. In addition to sales of phonograms and downloads, concerts are an important source of income for her, with which she builds her fortune. Ora regularly goes on tours, the biggest to date on the occasion of the release of her album Phoenix, which took her to 53 cities worldwide from March 2019. Also, Ora receives Gagen as an actress and does advertising. Among other things, the sporting goods manufacturer JD Sports, the mobile communications provider EE and Deichmann are among the companies that have already signed the artist as a testimonial. In 2014 and 2015, she designed her own collections of clothing and shoes for Adidas.

Not ready for the ESC

Rita Ora was born in 1990 as Rita Sahatçiu in Pristina, today’s capital of Kosovo. A short time after she was born, she emigrated to London with her family. There, her parents added “Ora” to their family name to make pronunciation easier. Rita Ora started singing at a young age and performed in London pubs as a teenager. In 2008 she applied to take part in the UK preliminary round of the Eurovision Song Contest 2009. Although she was selected, she withdrew her application a little later because she did not feel ready for the challenge.

Entry at the top

In 2009 Rita Ora signed her first recording deal and then recorded her debut album. This was called Ora, appeared in August 2012 and rose to number 1 in the British charts. She also placed her first two singles, How We Do (Party) and RIP, at the top of the UK sales list. From 2010 to 2016, she was under contract with Jay-Z and Roc Nation; since 2017, she has a contract with Atlantic Records. The song Hot Right Now, which Ora recorded with DJ Fresh, reached number 1 in the charts shortly before her solo singles. So the singer landed at the top of the British music rankings with her first three releases.

Rita Ora released her second album Phoenix in November 2017. It contained the song Let You Love Me, which the artist released as a single in September 2018 and reached number 4. Ora set a record: no British solo artist before her had managed to place 13 singles in her home country’s top 10 of the charts.

Film roles and TV appearances

Rita Ora is not only active as a singer, but also as an actress. In 2004 she was in the movie Spivs and an episode of the series The Brief. Ora had her biggest role to date in the Shades of Gray trilogy, in which she played Mia, the adoptive sister of the main male character Christian Gray. She was also seen in the films Southpaw (2015) and Pokémon Detective Pikachu (2019). Also, Ora is a regular jury member in casting shows. She was a jury member at The X Factor in 2012 and 2015 and has been a member of the Masked Singer UK jury since 2020.

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