15 Profitable Business Opportunities on the Rise and with Little Investment

There are specific industries and profitable small business segments that earn more than others. But which of these opportunities to choose? What is the best chance to make money? What sort of business is on the market? Calm down, you are in the RIGHT PLACE, and you will discover what is worth.

And the first step towards financial success is: Read and Study the recommendations below the analyzed list of the best business ideas carefully to be able to undertake, either while you are still working, or if you are unemployed or if you still want to find something innovative, promising and profitable.

Knowing how to choose the best business option to open or invest, even if with little money, and to achieve professional and financial success, without depending on other people or companies, is fundamental and will define your future.

Franchise Investment? Create a new Brand? Use Social Networks? Provide Differentiated Services? There are a plethora of options, but most will not work. That is why it is essential that you choose only provenstudied and validated suggestions.

In other words, which industry or business sectors are on the rise and what are the most profitable and most successful small businesses currently growing in the market? What are the most suitable sections to undertake?

The answer is The complete and updated list, below, of the most profitable businesses that are growing above average in Brazil. Each opportunity has been deeply studied, evaluated and proven by several experts, through reports and research data, in addition to real testimonials from people who have already taken the first step.

Tip: List of the Best Profitable and Profitable Business Ideas for 2020

The time is NOW for Entrepreneurship, Billing and Profiting. Therefore, when clicking on any of the business ideas below, be SURE of your commitment to watch the explanatory videos until the FINAL and study the books and online classes available.

I need to make it clear right from the start: one of the best market niches, with low cost and initial investment, that make it possible to profit quickly is to have a business on the internet. And this is true even and especially during this crisis that we are experiencing from the Corona Virus COVID 19 pandemic.

The main tips of these businesses and the strategies that can be used to turn your computer or cell phone into a highly profitable opportunity are explained in more detail below:

Quarantine Profitable Business Ideas

In our most recent analysis, the best profitable business ideas and booming opportunities, especially with low investment and over the internet during the Coronavirus pandemic quarantine, are:

1. Create an Online Store (E-commerce)

Differential: Initial ZERO Investment in Merchandise Stock – Highly Profitable to Create and Build a Private Brand. This is an innovative, creative and straightforward idea. Easy to execute, profitable and little-explored!

In Brazil alone, the turnover of online sales should reach R $ 80 billion in 2019 – 16% more than 2018 – through virtual stores. And you can be part of that, too.

This segment is developed through the EDC system (Direct Delivery to the Customer) or also known as dropshipping, which is the cheapest way to start, since the investment in stock (which is the biggest expense of a traditional trade) is ZERO, since which will sell the stock of the suppliers themselves.

That is, you place the order with the supplier only when your customer buys in your online store, and the result is Right Profit with low investment.

Also, nowadays, it is the safest way to set up a business since there is no minimum order. Purchase is made on-demand. Thus, the risk of having merchandise in stock is eliminated, which is equal to standing money and losses for you or your company.

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Now, answer me: You would also like to undertake successfully, learning how to set up YOUR virtual store, with real profit potential above R $ 3,000.00 per month or more, without having to work hard every day, and even with meagre investment and in a niche market with very low competition?

2. Digital Marketing – Affiliate Market

Have you ever wondered if you could have an endless vacation? Most people believe that to work and earn money on the internet; you need to know a lot about computing. Or that everything on the internet that involves money is some scam or pyramid scheme and the like, But that is not true!

There are many people legally earning MONEY from Business over the internet through digital marketing.

You can start with the low initial investment, through a small blog with your content, receiving commissions for the sales of digital products (as if you were a “commercial representative”, only online), without having to knock from door to door, without having to hang on the phone trying to sell and without having to push something to your relatives. Just through your blog.

I even knew nothing about this way of entrepreneurship and the enormous potential until two years ago … And today I have successful businesses on the internet, highly profitable.

So what are you waiting for yet ?! Click now to learn more and download the free E-Book that is a national reference in this niche market, by Alex Vargas, and learn more about this business opportunity to undertake, in addition to all the secrets of this profession that will be the best and biggest business of the future.

3. Sell Products Online Through National Dropshipping

One of the Most Profitable Business Ideas in Brazil today.

This option is great for those who don’t have a lot of money to start. It is possible to work online and build profitable businesses over the internet, selling the most profitable products in Brazil, totally legal and ethical.

Imagine what it would be like if you worked two hours a day and had extra income on your monthly bill. What would you do with that money? Do you want to open a business and work professionally with marketing, making a real profit with new e-commerce?

This is a business to be used to help you make or increase your sales on the internet, be it from products and physical stores, create an online business from scratch, in addition to discovering new ways of entrepreneurship on the internet and still becoming a successful digital entrepreneur.

As it is an innovative and very simple technique, the investment is low, and the profit potential is extremely high. Just like the first virtual store proposal mentioned above, this is a second strategy that has proven its effectiveness and its high profitability results, precisely because it uses only national suppliers.

Unlike traditional methods of selling products over the internet, where your customers can take more than 60 days to receive the merchandise and usually end up giving up on buying, this business strategy is based on the process called dropshipping express, through 4 national sources of income, which consists of receiving service orders (sales) online (through a low-cost virtual store) and sending them to the supplier in Brazil, who will send the product to your customer, on behalf of your company or brand ( everything is done and configured automatically after a step by step).

Watch the video below to get an idea of ​​the financial potential of this business idea:

4. Investing in Shares on the Stock Exchange

Calm! You don’t need to have a huge amount of money to be a trader, and you don’t need financial coaching.

On the contrary, this business idea is a great opportunity for those who want to have extra income, without having to leave their current job, as all negotiations are done online. You just require access to a processor and the internet.

Innovative Successful Business Ideas

In our most recent review, the best Profitable and Innovative Business Ideas are:

5. Professional Programmer – Game Creation

(Market Trend for 2020) and Have a Profitable Business as a Freelancer or Outsourced

Have you ever imagined working on something that can yield and make a lot of money besides being fun?

Nowadays, companies and even ordinary people who are starting an internet business need a website or develop games and applications? So this is your chance to start your career and work with something simple, practical and very profitable from home! This is one of the best jobs and profitable ideas that exists today.

And it is not just for people who want to start their own business as a programmer, but for those who also need to get back into the job market in the technology and information sector! Companies are valuing professionals in this area, and with each project carried out, the profit margin gets higher.

It is not for nothing that I put this career opportunity that gives a lot of profit here on this page. And be calm if you know absolutely nothing about this area.

I have separated below the two best niche markets for you to start from scratch and profit a lot in a short time:

In the same way as the previous idea, in this field of activity, you can learn to work from scratch, even for you who never had contact with programming. You will learn from scratch, everything you need to master game programming and thus earn a lot by undertaking innovative solutions and super fun games!

6. Professional Online Copywriter

Do you like to write? Do you love creating well-crafted texts with fresh content? Can’t you see a pen and paper?

So know that you can earn by typing as a freelancer, writing articles and texts for various websites and blogs. Have you ever stopped to think about the most produced, commercialized and published product EVERY DAY today ?!

It may seem strange, perhaps because it is so obvious, but personalized content is the greatest consumer good and with the greatest added value in recent times. This is because social networks are growing more and more, whether through Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and many others. But how can you profit from this crazy idea ?!

Simple: Companies, Entrepreneurs and People (Models, Digital Influencers, Small and Large Business Enterprises) NEED to publish quality texts, articles and descriptions on their social networks DAILY so that they can attract and engage their audience.

And this is where you can win: Production of articles, being a copywriter, typing, writing and creating materials that arouse customers’ desire to buy. Can you imagine how many buyers you can have? Are many!

And the best: You can do it from home or anywhere! The most recommended platforms for this type of service are:

  • Konker
  • Workana
  • 99freelas

7. Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning and Waterproofing

Every house, apartment, shop, car, etc. needs cleaning, right? So it makes sense to think that for that reason, you always need cleaning staff, do you agree?

The Upholstery Cleaning Branch is the ideal business for you who have little money to start and need a quick return. With just one week of work in this field, you can already pay off all your monthly bills and never work for others.

You get to profit more than 400% on each service, and the most incredible thing is the ease to close budgets because you only need a cell phone with Whatsapp and your Facebook and quick closed service. This branch is also perfect for those who need to set up a business but still cannot leave their current job. It’s easy to do, low investment and quick return.

To learn more, in “learn more” below and discover the secret of this opportunity that is growing in Brazil….

8. Import Products to Resell

Buying imported products to resell, even with the dollar above four reais is advantageous indeed. There are techniques and strategies to import products, and it is worth reselling them here.

In this model, you can import products (usually from the USA), such as perfumes, clothes, sneakers, watches, cosmetics, car parts, in short, everything you can imagine.

And, through an order redirection system, you can pay much less for the products, and also optimize the amount to be paid for customs tax. Many people are managing to pay up to 4 times less than the average values ​​charged here in Brazil!

The cool thing about this system is that you can also use it to buy products for your use.

It is also a fact that the trade-in imported products are one of the most profitable businesses, as they have a much higher profit margin than other types of resale.

9. Technical Assistance for Cell Phones

Do you know how many cell phones each Brazilian has on average? I know. I researched and discovered: more than 230 million! (Source: Reportage of the Season )

In other words, there are more active cell phones in Brazil than people and do you know what that means? A GREAT business to invest that does not need large initial capital.

You can start your work by providing cell phone repair and maintenance services to an easily accessible audience. Your first customers can be your friends, neighbours, acquaintances and family. And when the company grows, you can open a commercial space and start earning high with this innovative business idea.

Profitable Business Ideas in Civil Construction

In our most recent analysis, the best options for Profitable Business in Construction are:

10. Installation of Solar Energy Systems and Boards


Projections point out that in 2024, the market will have more than 886 thousand systems installed. This means a growth rate of up to 300% per year, as disclosed by Epoca Negócios and Blue Sol, a reference in this market.

We feel in our pocket the energy bills increasing year by year, don’t we? That is why more and more people are looking for solar energy as an option to save money, in addition to contributing to the sustainability of the planet.

The systems for capturing solar energy are very high, and the market demand for professionals specialized in the area is very high. And you can take advantage of this BIG Market Trend to have your own business with little money invested.

You will be an expert in installing solar panels. Each installation does not cost less than R $ 5 thousand reais.

This is a great chance to start a business from scratch, without investing a lot and with a high return on investment.

PS: It doesn’t matter if you don’t know much about it. Watch the video and find out how to start this business from scratch, from the basics of what a solar plate is to how to import the components and create custom projects.

11. Application of 3D Liquid Porcelain

There are a great demand and demand for product applicators throughout Brazil and abroad, and the lack of specialized labour opens up a great opportunity to open a small enterprise.

The Net 3D porcelain has a high market value and provides excellent compensation for professional applicators. The application of the product is practical and easy, and it does not have to be in the construction industry, even many women are starting this lucrative business that is turning into a real fever in civil construction.

Click to learn more and read more about this innovative method and learn how to be a professional in applying 3D liquid porcelain tiles today. After reading, download the free e-book!

Profitable Small Businesses That Give Money

In our most recent analysis, the best Small Business Opportunities that Make Profit in Interior Cities are:

12. Eyebrow and Micropigmentation Designer

If there is one thing that women spend, it is with personal care or aesthetic services. And when it comes to eyebrows, don’t even talk.

The market is in short supply of qualified professionals to meet the expectations of its customers, and this is where you can earn high from even your own home! Therefore, a professional TOP, with the experience of the latest techniques to make a perfect eyebrow and have a profitable business.

Now imagine you:

  • Without having to leave your current job to start
  • Without having to make high investments
  • Being able to serve customers at home
  • Creating a loyal customer base that will refer you more and more
  • Being the owner of your time

13. Custom Crafts

Do you have fairy hands and know how to make custom pieces? Or even if you don’t know, but you like crafts and need to have your business?

So know that there is a step by step for you to start your craft trade today and earn a good amount. There are several options within this niche and just use creativity to make unique and stylish pieces in a store.

This is a great idea to have your own business with little investment. You can make this project as a hobby or even professionally, and it’s great for both big cities and inland cities!

14. Aesthetics and Hair Removal

The beauty services sector is one of the few that, even with the economy not being “those things”, is always in demand. Or do you think women go without shaving and taking care of themselves? Of course not.

Well, do you happen to have a room in your house or some room that you can borrow from someone? Or do you even know a salon that needs a qualified professional (who) are almost always there?

So I present you this way to earn good money, without investing much and still in the comfort of your home (this type of enterprise is excellent for small cities and also for the countryside). You will learn:

  • Opening his venture
  • Making friends, cousins ​​and other relatives
  • Maintaining your beauty
  • Answering from home
  • Investing very little and making more than 100% profit

Once the business improves, you can open a space and start earning high with this innovative business idea for 2020.

Why it is worth investing: the beauty niche was rated by Inc. magazine as one of the best commercial sectors to create a business.

Business Ideas With Little Money to Open in 2020

In our most recent review, the Best Small Business Ideas are:

15. Undertaking in the Pets Market

Imagine your undertaking in the market that most invoices in Brazil?

Yes, the pet market in Brazil is the third-largest in the world in sales. And you must imagine that the market is overcrowded with groomers and groomers, but the reality is quite different.

What we see today is a low number of duly trained professionals and aware of valuable information on animal aesthetics and specialization in specific cuts.

And Why was all this material created and made available?

To share with each reader complete information and analysis of the current market, based on scientific studies, reliable references of real data of innovative, profitable and profitable business ideas, and that is an opportunity to start your own lucrative business, even with little investment initial and inexperienced.

Conclusion: How to set up a profitable business with little money?

And for that, it is necessary to know how to choose the best type of business to undertake and thus become a successful professional.

Before choosing one of the above lucrative deals, tell me: Do any of the questions below not get out of your head?

  • What types of profitable businesses are on the rise?
  • What is the best deal to invest and make money?
  • What is the best area to start and start a business?
  • How to set up a business from scratch on the internet?
  • How do I start my own business if my budget is low?
  • I can’t wait to quit my current job and start my own business, but how can I decide which option is best for me?

I know. Again. And I say this because I have already been through exactly this situation.

And you probably got here for one of these three reasons:

  1. You are unemployed and need an idea to support your life and family, or;
  2. He prefers to work for himself, but his last business did not work, either;
  3. You are employed, but you can’t take your boss anymore, and you want to own your destiny.

Finding the right business ideas and possibly becoming fully autonomous is arguably more rewarding and meaningful than having a “great salary” and “solid benefits”. Source: Camino Financial

Choosing the path of entrepreneurship and working on your business idea in parallel is undoubtedly riskier than being content with a CLT job.

Therefore, the best venture you should bet on is not always the one that most people “believe” to be. The best deal for your life is one that has been studied, proven with data and that fits your profile, where you can offer the best services and products, always doing it with love and dedication.

What did you find here?

  • Profitable businesses to open with little investment and quick return
  • Tips and ideas for profitable, profitable and innovative opportunities to undertake
  • Highly Profitable Successful Businesses on the Internet
  • Opportunity for professional careers and entrepreneurial ideas
  • Successful innovative businesses
  • Plans for opening your own business in small towns
  • Entrepreneurship Trends for 2020
  • Small Businesses for Interior Cities
  • Little business tips to open through Sebrae
  • Promising low-cost business ideas

Don’t forget to leave your comment below with your question, suggestion or any other reason that can help you find the best deal.

It will be a pleasure to answer you!

Renan Mazucante – Career and Entrepreneurship Portal

Disclosure: Always aiming for transparency, ethics and honesty with all readers and users of the site, the links on this page are references and indications that, at no additional cost to you, I may receive a small commission. Know that I only recommend learning tools and resources that I used or studied, and I believe they are genuinely useful, and not because of the small commissions that I can receive. Above all, I would never advocate for buying something that you cannot afford or are not yet ready to implement.

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15 Profitable Business Opportunities on the Rise and with Little Investment

There are specific industries and profitable small business segments that earn more than others. But which of these opportunities to choose? What is the...