How much money does Prince Marcus von Anhalt have?

Prince Marcus von Anhalt’s estimated fortune is around 300 million euros because of all available sources. In a recent interview he mentioned that he owns several properties that are said to be worth around 200 million euros together. It is not possible to say exactly whether and to what extent these figures correspond to reality. There is no official information so that the actual private wealth can be slightly higher or lower. (updated on02/02/2020)

His annual net income is estimated at around 30 million euros. In January 2015, he mentioned in court that he was getting almost 7-digit advertising income from appearing on social networks. The SWP reported in 2016 that Prince Marcus von Anhalt had a turnover of 42 million euros between 2006 and 2012, which corresponds to an annual net income of around 4 million euros.

How did Prince Marcus’ fortune come about?

Prince Marcus von Anhalt earned most of his money through numerous lucrative ventures in the red light business. After a stay in the USA, he opened a table dance club in Germany, which was very successful. He then expanded in this area and at the same time opened several brothels, which he led to success in a targeted manner and brought him countless millions.

He first became known in 2006 when he was adopted and registered against payment from Zsa Zsa Gabor and Frédéric von Anhalt. Adoption got a lot of media coverage and ultimately brought him the attention he had hoped for.

Furthermore, around 2010, he began to appear actively on social media (mainly Facebook, now Instagram) as a self-promoter and further establish his strongly polarizing fictional character, the “super-rich Proll-Prince of Germany.” According to his records, with a follower amount of over 1,000,000, he previously made some hundred thousand euros per month through affiliate marketing and advertising deals lonely.

Today, as a “business coach,” he wants to show young people how to earn “quick money” on Instagram and become an influencer. Whether or how serious the coaching program of Prince Marcus actually remains to be questioned.

Multiple convictions & 4 years imprisonment

According to his own statements, Prince Marcus von Anhalt was imprisoned for four years. He was first sentenced to imprisonment in July 2003 for human trafficking, pimping, attempted extortion, and assault. According to several sources, he was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment.

In the spring of 2009, he was given a one-year suspended sentence for being caught with 20 grams of cocaine. A year later, he was caught drinking and driving and subsequently sentenced to a suspended sentence of 3 months and a sum of 200,000 euros.

Conviction for tax evasion

In 2014, Prince Marcus von Anhalt was charged with tax evasion. The arrest was a pure coincidence: at 3 a.m., the alarm in his villa accidentally went off, whereupon the police were alerted. When the police realized that it was a false alarm, they drove back to the station. They noticed an arrest warrant for Prince Marcus and then drove back to his villa, where they took him away. The offense: He is said to have evaded a total of around 640,000 euros in taxes, as well as having written off several Ferraris as operationally necessary expenses.

On May 17, 2016, there was a new trial, but there was a delay because Prince Marcus took part in the TV show “Celebrity Big Brother” in consultation with the court. On September 22, 2016, he was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment, and the BGH confirmed the judgment. According to the media, he has ordered food worth over 1000 euros every month in the Augsburg prison. ( Source: Wikipedia )

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