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Xatar: Rapper’s Wealth & Income

LabelAll or nothing records
Date of birth24 December 1981 (age 39)
Born inSanandaj, Iran
jobRapper, publisher, producer, entrepreneur
Full nameGiwar Hajabi

How much money does Xatar have?

Xatar (civil: Giwar Hajabi ) was born on December 24, 1981 in Sanandaj (Iran). His family fled to Iraq in the early 1980s because the First Gulf War broke out at that time. The Kurdish minority in Iraq was persecuted under Saddam Hussein. His parents were tortured and he was detained near the capital for three months. Xatar has experienced a lot of terrible and suffering in his homeland and while on the run. But he couldn’t let himself get down and is now a successful rapper. Xatar’s estimated net worth is $ 10 million.

Turbulent resume

The family fled to Bonn in 1985 after a stopover in Paris. Here Xatar took piano lessons at the age of nine , because his father was a music professor and apparently wished that his son would also become musically active. In 1993 there was the first interest in hip-hop, because the debut album The Chronic by Dr. Dre came out on the market.

He moved to London on suspicion of drug trafficking , studying both international business and music business at Metropolitan University between 2005 and 2007. His arrest warrant was overturned due to a lack of evidence and so he returned to Germany.

In December 2009 , however, he and three accomplices attacked a gold truck . The group stole precious metal worth 1.7 million euros. Xatar has now fled to Iraq via Moscow, but the Kurdish secret service tracked him down and even tortured him. In October 2010 the rapper was deported to Germany. This was followed by a sentence of eight years in prison, but an early release took place in December 2014.

Xatar is now a publisher, rapper, producer and entrepreneur. He has a fortune worth millions, which he generated through his music, restaurants, tobacco, labels and his book.

Label Alles oder Nix Records (AON)

At the end of the 1990s, Xatar had started rapping in the youth center and producing their own beats. In 2007 he founded his label Alles oder Nix Records , which is still more successful than ever today. The distribution is done by Groove Attack .

His first artists were SSIO and Samy. He released his first album in November 2008 under the title Alles oder nix . In addition to his artists, there were features, among others, features from Azad and La Honda. His debut album was indexed just under a year after its release. In 2011 he signed Schwesta Ewa.

His second album with the track No. 415 (his prisoner number) landed at number 19 on the album charts in Germany. In Austria on place 52 and in Switzerland on place 23. The new releases of his artists were done through his label despite his imprisonment.

Xatar’s financial breakthrough

In May 2015 he released the album Baba aller Babas and entered the German album charts at number 1. The album made it to number 3 in Switzerland and Austria. A success that was made possible above all by well-known features. On the album, among others, Olexesh and Haftbefehl were represented. His artists Schwesta Ewa and SSIO were also on the album, who had established themselves during his imprisonment. On the side , Xatar opened its first shisha bar in the same year.

At the end of 2015 his autobiography Alles oder Nix was published: We say the world is yours . He also founded a second music label called Kopfticker Records , in which rappers are signed who musically do not go with Alles or Nix Records .

Contract with Universal Music and new businesses

2017 was a crucial year for Xatar. He dissolved his second label and founded PUSH , where new artists who had at least 100,000 clicks could present themselves. If the music is well received, an artist contract will be presented.

Apart from the music, Xatar does not stay idle. His shisha tobacco brand Orijinal was founded in cooperation with Golden Pipe. With Massari in cooperation with DefShop he has also founded a company in the jewelry and fashion sector.

Acting-wise , he also appeared in the film Only God can judge me by Moritz Bleibtreu on . For the work he recorded a sampler together with Luciano, Lary, Disarstar and Soufian. He was also in the sitcom Blockbustaz and in the film Familiye .

At the beginning of 2018, the contract was signed with Universal Music , which took over the distribution for his label with immediate effect. It is not known how much money Xatar receives for each record sold.

Groove Attack TraX with Xatar

The Groove Attack TraX label was founded at the end of 2018 together with Groove Attack . The first artist was Mero, who attracted attention with his singles Baller los , Cloud 10 and Hobby Hobby . His album Ya Hero Ya Mero (March 2019) went straight to number 1 in the German album charts. Baller los has now been recognized for 100,000 records sold.

Xatar on Spotify

Xatar is no longer dependent on the music business. Still, he has very impressive numbers on Spotify too. The rapper has 316,680 monthly listeners , the number also results from people who have listened to at least one track within the last 30 days.

The amounts per stream vary greatly. According to Techbook magazine, the remuneration is between 0.006 and 0.0084 euro cents. At the maximum rate, it would amount to around 2,600 euros per month . However, other sources report $ 4,000 per million streams.

The rapper’s five most popular tracks on Spotify:

  • Ebb & Flood : around 117,000 euros with 13.8 million streams
  • Iz da : around 68,000 euros with 8 million streams
  • Balla : around 89,000 euros with 10 million streams
  • Original : around 55,700 euros with 6.6 million streams
  • Pääh : about 23,000 euros with 2.7 million streams

Monthly income from YouTube

VIVA and MTV have long been replaced by YouTube. The Google platform has meanwhile assumed a monopoly position. Those who are not on YouTube do not exist in today’s world – especially in the music industry.

On YouTube, the only source of income is advertising. 55 percent of this income goes to the creator. Musicians can already live from this income alone. In Germany, the YouTube channel ALLES OR NIX RECORDS is one of the most popular channels with more than 1.1 million subscribers.

The YouTube channel generates up to 43,000 euros in income per month. It should be noted, however, that SSIO, Schwesta Ewa, Eno, Samy and Xatar publish themselves via the YouTube channel. Thus, the income is shared among the artists and Xatar cannot keep the YouTube earnings alone.

Felix Lobrecht: Assets and Earnings of The Comedian

Date of birth24 December 1988 (age 32)
Born inMunster, Germany
jobComedian, podcast host, author

How much money does Felix Lobrecht have?

Felix Lobrecht is currently one of the hottest comedians in Germany. He has received several awards for his live shows. Many of his fans also know him from the mixed hack podcast, which he has been doing with Tommi Schmitt since 2017. Lobrecht is also successful as a book author: his novel Sun and Concrete, published in 2017, will be released in cinemas in 2021. Felix Lobrecht’s estimated net worth is EUR 1.5 million.

The merit of Felix Lobrecht

Felix Lobrecht’s most important income sources are his appearances as a comedian, the mixed hack podcast, which he publishes every week with Tommi Schmitt, and fees that he receives for TV appearances. It is estimated that Lobrecht earns around 40,000 euros from a live show with 3,000 paying viewers. With around 500,000 streams that the Mixed Hack can show per episode, Lobrecht and Schmitt earn around 12,000 euros a month. In addition to the sales of the two books that Lobrecht has published so far, he has also made money by obtaining the film rights for his novel Sun and Concrete has sold. Most likely, he’ll also get a share of the box office revenue. This is how the comedian continues to expand his fortune.

Career start at poetry slams

Felix Lobrecht was born in Münster. When he was four years old, his mother died, and he moved to Berlin with his father and two younger siblings. There he attended high school in 2001 but was expelled from school two years later for inappropriate behavior. He then switched to a comprehensive school, where he graduated from secondary school in 2005. He then earned his money with various jobs, including in a gym. To develop professionally, Lobrecht did his Abitur in 2008 and began studying political science in Marburg. To earn the rent for his shared room, he took part in poetry slams in which he presented comedy texts he had written himself.

Stand-up comedian and book author

Felix Lobrecht soon made his first appearances as a stand-up comedian and was seen on the TV show NightWash, among other things. In 2015 he published the book 10 Minutes? With the poetry slammer Malte Rosskopf. That’s 20 marks! From February 2016, Lobrecht went on tour with his first stage program, Kenn ick. An appearance in Berlin was recorded and later broadcast on RTL.

In March 2017, Felix Lobrecht’s debut novel, Sonne und Beton, was published, quickly becoming a bestseller. The audiobook read by the author himself won the vote for the WDR Audience Award – My Audiobook 2019. The autobiographical story about four young people in Berlin is even to be filmed in 2021, with Lobrecht writing the script together with director David Wnendt. The new comedy special Felix Lobrecht: Hype is currently on Netflix.

Known and excellent as a podcaster

In September 2017, Felix Lobrecht and comedy writer Tommi Schmitt published the mixed hack podcast episode. A new episode of the format that is one of the most popular podcasts in Germany has appeared every week. Mixed Hack has been streamed exclusively on Spotify since September 2019. Lobrecht and Schmitt have already won several awards for the podcast, including the audience award at the German Podcast Prize 2020. They were also honored as the best comedy podcasters at the German Comedy Prize 2020 and won the comedy crown at the 1 Live Krone 2020.

Felix Lobrecht was also named best comedian at the 2020 German Comedy Prize. He had already won the trophy as the best newcomer in 2018. The comedy crown was not his first either; in 2019, he had already received one for his stand-up appearances.

How Much Rich is Rita Ora British Singer

Date of birth26 November 1990 (age 30)
Born inPristina, Kosovo
nationalityGreat Britain
jobSinger, actress
Full nameRita Sahatçiu Ora

How rich is Rita Ora?

The Kosovar singer Rita Ora is currently one of the most successful musicians in Great Britain. By 2018 she released two albums and landed at the top of the UK charts with several songs. She is also active as an actress and has appeared in the three parts of the Shades of Gray series. Rita Ora’s estimated net worth is $ 25 million.

This is how Rita Ora generates her million dollar fortune

As a singer, Rita Ora makes most of the money with her music. In addition to sales of phonograms and downloads, concerts are an important source of income for her, with which she builds her fortune. Ora regularly goes on tours, the biggest to date on the occasion of the release of her album Phoenix, which took her to 53 cities worldwide from March 2019. Also, Ora receives Gagen as an actress and does advertising. Among other things, the sporting goods manufacturer JD Sports, the mobile communications provider EE and Deichmann are among the companies that have already signed the artist as a testimonial. In 2014 and 2015, she designed her own collections of clothing and shoes for Adidas.

Not ready for the ESC

Rita Ora was born in 1990 as Rita Sahatçiu in Pristina, today’s capital of Kosovo. A short time after she was born, she emigrated to London with her family. There, her parents added “Ora” to their family name to make pronunciation easier. Rita Ora started singing at a young age and performed in London pubs as a teenager. In 2008 she applied to take part in the UK preliminary round of the Eurovision Song Contest 2009. Although she was selected, she withdrew her application a little later because she did not feel ready for the challenge.

Entry at the top

In 2009 Rita Ora signed her first recording deal and then recorded her debut album. This was called Ora, appeared in August 2012 and rose to number 1 in the British charts. She also placed her first two singles, How We Do (Party) and RIP, at the top of the UK sales list. From 2010 to 2016, she was under contract with Jay-Z and Roc Nation; since 2017, she has a contract with Atlantic Records. The song Hot Right Now, which Ora recorded with DJ Fresh, reached number 1 in the charts shortly before her solo singles. So the singer landed at the top of the British music rankings with her first three releases.

Rita Ora released her second album Phoenix in November 2017. It contained the song Let You Love Me, which the artist released as a single in September 2018 and reached number 4. Ora set a record: no British solo artist before her had managed to place 13 singles in her home country’s top 10 of the charts.

Film roles and TV appearances

Rita Ora is not only active as a singer, but also as an actress. In 2004 she was in the movie Spivs and an episode of the series The Brief. Ora had her biggest role to date in the Shades of Gray trilogy, in which she played Mia, the adoptive sister of the main male character Christian Gray. She was also seen in the films Southpaw (2015) and Pokémon Detective Pikachu (2019). Also, Ora is a regular jury member in casting shows. She was a jury member at The X Factor in 2012 and 2015 and has been a member of the Masked Singer UK jury since 2020.

Travis Scott Rapper’s Wealth & Income

Date of birthApril 30, 1992 (age 28)
Born inHouston, Texas, USA
nationalityUnited States
marital statussingle
jobRapper, singer, music producer
Full nameJacques Webster II
NicknameTravis Scott
children1 (Stormi)

How much money does Travis Scott have?

Travis Scott was born on April 30, 1992, in Houston, Texas, under Jacques Webster II’s real name. Today he is considered one of the richest rappers ever. He also works as a songwriter, music producer, and singer. The rapper has appeared in major works by Jay-Z and Rihanna. He and his (ex) girlfriend Kylie Jenner have been on a break since October 2019. The two have a daughter named Stormi. Travis Scott’s estimated net worth is 45 million euros.

Travis Scott’s career

Travis Scott was already passionate about music in his youth. At that time, he had already brought the first publications onto the market. For example, an EP with the help of a friend called Graduates in 2009. Two self-produced albums with OG Chess followed later. After leaving college, he separated from his student connections and made his way to Los Angeles. His goal: the breakthrough.

With ambition, he made it to Kanye West and TI, which both ran their own label. Other members of the label were also represented in the releases, including Jay-Z. Above all, as a producer, he could integrate into the label, which resulted in collaborations with Rihanna (title: B * tch Better Have My Money). Collaborations with Drake followed later.

He released his own mixtape in 2012 under the title Owl Pharaoh. His work was nominated as the best mixtape of the year at the BET Hip Hop Awards. The single Echelon (feat. 2 Chainz) was released separately as a single, and thus it made its first place in the rap charts.

Travis Scott landed at number 1 for the first time with his debut album Rodeo. The single Antidote made it into the top 20 of the US charts and was later awarded platinum. Further collaborations with Wiz Khalifa, Justin Bieber, and many more followed later. In the meantime, he is platinum twice and once triple platinum in the USA just because of his three studio albums. A total of over 5.5 million units were sold.

Cash flow from streaming music

There is no doubt that Travis Scott is one of the main beneficiaries in the streaming market. Rap generally appeals to a younger target group, and only the younger people actually hear a lot about Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, Apple Music, and Co.

Travis Scott has over 39 million listeners on Spotify alone. Unfortunately, other platforms do not publish any figures on this, but the statistics from Spotify are quite meaningful, as Spotify is the global market leader in music streaming. According to current statements, an artist earns just under 4,000 euros with one million streams. We use this number to determine the estimated sales figures (on Spotify alone). The total earnings on Spotify of over 35 million euros contribute to a gigantic fortune.

The five most successful songs on Spotify:

  • SICKO MODE with 1.256 billion streams; estimated turnover: 5 million euros
  • Goosebumps with 1.130 billion streams; estimated turnover: 4.5 million euros
  • HIGHEST IN THE ROOM with 731 million streams; estimated turnover: 2.9 million euros
  • ZEZE with 515 million streams; estimated turnover: 2 million euros
  • BUTTERFLY EFFECT with 503 million streams; estimated turnover: just under 2 million euros

Income from documentary film

With Travis Scott: Look, Mom, I Can Fly, White Trash, Tyler directs a documentary emerged. The film, which was also produced by Travis Scott himself, was released in 2019. It is about the artist’s advertising and runs from his beginnings to his third studio album, ASTROWORLD. On August 28, 2019, the documentary was released on Netflix, whose production company also directed the film.

There are no sales figures or cinema charts because Netflix is ​​a streaming service and does not publish any numbers or anything else. However, Travis Scott is likely to have received several million euros from Netflix, and at the same time, investments were made in the artist’s image. More people than ever could have noticed Travis Scott, which he would have earned indirectly through the film.

Merchandising as another source of income

Since the music can hardly be sold in stores anymore, more and more artists (or their labels) rely on a distribution channel in online trading. New albums or mixtapes are offered separately as a physical version and sometimes vinyl in a separate shop. That goes down well with fans who collect all of the artist’s products.

Travis Scott also has his own shop, but this has a constantly changing range. You can currently find individual rims for several thousand euros as well as a car at an auction. The current mixtape is also available as vinyl, cassette, CD, and a “digital pack” (music download). An own range of clothes Travis Scott has to also lessen in Farfetch and on Amazon. At over 100 euros for a hoodie from the ASTROWORLD album, the products are correspondingly high-priced.

Fees for performances

His fee per tour appearance is 90,000 euros. A total of 10 tour appearances have been announced for 2020, which would earn him 900,000 euros. His tours take place in the USA and Poland, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil.

Participation in the YouTube partner program

Like every artist, Travis Scott naturally has his own YouTube channel. This is also very successful, with over seven million subscribers. However, its click figures per month are relatively low. In January 2020, for example, there were only 240,000 clicks. As of last in August 2018, this number can also rise to almost one million during a promotional phase. The YouTube earnings are estimated at only 1,000 euros per month, according to Social Blade.

The Weeknd: Net Worth of the Singer

Date of birth16 February 1990 (age 30)
Born inToronto, Canada
jobSinger, songwriter
Full nameAbel Makkonen Tesfaye
NicknameThe Weeknd

How rich is The Weeknd?

The Weeknd – this pseudonym hides Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, the son of Ethiopian immigrants. Born and raised in Canada, he contacted all kinds of musical styles in his grandmother’s grandmother’s house. Soon his love was exclusively for R&B music. The YouTube videos recorded with rapper Drake ensured that The Weeknd was introduced to a wider audience. From then on, things went uphill, and the musician’smusician’s path to success is paved with awards such as three Grammys, eight Billboard Music Awards, nine Juno Awards, and an Oscar nomination. The singer was also in the headlines with Selena Gomez’s relationships and eternal on-off with Bella Hadid. The cherished Weeknd’sWeeknd’s net worth is € 85 million.

R&B instead of school

Dropping out of school and making a living from music is a dream for many teenagers, but The Weeknd pulled it off too. This is where his stage name comes from – he ran away on the weekend and never returned.

Like many young people around him, he came into contact with drugs very early on. What began with smoking marijuana at the age of eleven quickly led to ecstasy and cocaine addiction. To finance this, he was partly involved in criminal activities, as he later admitted. Nevertheless, he did not lose sight of his goal of becoming known as a musician. He first worked with a producer named Jeremy Rose three years after dropping out of school.

The songs produced by Rose, to which The Weeknd rapped, were posted online on YouTube to attract a broad audience. His three mixtapes, which were created in 2011, were even offered for free download at the time. This is how rapper Drake became aware of The Weeknd, and collaboration developed.

From high school dropout to Grammy winner

The Weeknd performed on the joint tour as an opening act for Drake and aroused various record labels’ interest. Rapper Drake gave The Weeknd an ideal stepping stone to successfully launch their career. In 2012 the singer released the compilation Trilogy, which included the mixtapes and a few new titles. The compilation hit like a rocket, reaching double platinum in Canada and platinum in the US.

The first studio album, Kiss Land, followed in 2013 and reached number two in the USA and Canada’s album charts. The coming years were filled with a full touring calendar alongside stars like Justin Timberlake and Ariana Grande.

This was followed in 2015 by the album Beauty Behind the madness, which went over the counter 412,000 times in the first week after its release. In 2016 he published Starboy, with which he was also able to reach the charts’ top. In that year, the Oscar nomination for the single Earned It was heard in the film Fifty shades of gray and sold around five million times.

Records and Awards – The Weeknd is off to a flying start

In 2017 he broke the Guinness World Record for the most-streamed album within a year on Spotify. The single Blinding lights were used for a Mercedes Benz commercial in 2019, and The Weeknd reached number one in the charts in Germany for the first time.

From June 2017 to June 2018, The Weeknd earned around 70 million euros gross. After that, he earned a whopping 32 million euros gross until June 2019. In 2019 he treated himself to a penthouse in Los Angeles with a view of the Beverly Hills Country Club for just under 17 million euros. He sold another property in Hidden Hills, California, in June 2020 for $ 21 million. There are luxury cars worth 1.7 million euros in his garage, including a hybrid Mclaren P1, which is limited to 375 units.

Promotional deals

In addition to the music, there is also a partnership with the sporting goods manufacturer Puma, for which he acts as a brand ambassador. The Weeknd is one of the “faces” of Apple Music. He ended the advertising deal with H&M because they shared an allegedly racist photo. But he also has advertising deals to book with a condom manufacturer and an e-cigarette company, as well as a collaboration with Marvel. There is also a deal with Mercedes-Benz, The Weekend is the face of their global EQC campaign. The advertising revenue increases the singer’ssinger’s fortune even further. The musician also owns shares in the esports company OverActive Media Group. The musician is active in the fashion business, he sells his own “XO” branded items.

NFL: The Weeknd appears on the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Performing on the Super Bowl Halftime Show is arguably every musician’smusician’s dream coming true for The Weeknd. On February 7, 2021, The Weeknd will rock Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. The Super Bowl is the highlight of the NFL. Tens of millions of viewers worldwide watch the biggest sporting event of the year on TV and can enjoy The Weeknd’sWeeknd’s appearance on the Halftime Show in 2021. The Weeknd commented, “You can only dream of being in this position. I feel honored to be humbly and excitedly at the center of this famous stage. “”


Bourgeois name:Boris Franz Becker
Date of birth:22 November 1967 (age 52)
Place of birth:Leimen, Germany
Place of residence:Munich, Germany
Marital status:single
Job:Tennis player, entrepreneur, coach
Height:191 cm
Weight:86 kg

Boris Becker is a former tennis professional from Germany who has won 49 tennis tournaments over the course of his career. He currently makes his living as a professional poker player.

How much money does Boris Becker have in 2020?

Considering all available sources, Boris Becker’s estimated net worth in 2020 is around 5 million euros. The former tennis professional is said to have had a fortune of over 100 million euros. Despite his squandered fortune, his annual income is still said to be around € 1,000,000. However, to date, there has not been any official information on income from Becker.

If you add up all the prize money from your tennis tournaments, you get a whopping sum of 25,080,000 US dollars 💸, which is the equivalent of 22,605,858 euros. This makes him one of the top 20 list of the highest-paid tennis players in the world.

He currently earns his money through poker, television appearances, or as a commentator and advertising medium for some companies.

Is Boris Becker broke?

Short answer: no! His bankruptcy proceedings with debts in the millions have been largely settled, and he is currently no longer broke.

It became known that he owed 10.8 million euros to the private bank “Arbuthnot Latham & Co.” This demanded repayment because Becker had not paid the debt since 2015. His lawyers demanded a postponement of 28 days because Becker was planning to sell one of his properties in Mallorca for 6,000,000 euros. However, this was rejected by the judge, and he was officially declared bankrupt on June 21, 2017, by a judge at the London High Court.

A little later, it became known that his former business partner Hans-Dieter Cleven should have debts of 36,500,000 euros. Cleven subsequently appealed to the higher court. Meanwhile, Cleven started the bankruptcy proceedings against Boris Becker in Great Britain. In November of the same year, an interview was published by the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” in which Becker made some things clear. In it, he vehemently denied, “It is insane to think that I am broke.” He also added that he didn’t owe Cleven any money but that it should be the other way around. The insolvency proceedings only concern him privately, he says, pointing out that his companies “Becker Private Office” (UK) and “BB SARL” (Switzerland) are not involved in the insolvency proceedings.

So it is clear: Boris Becker is not bankrupt because he owns several properties and still receives a very high income with which he can safely pay off his debts soon.

What happened to the former fortune?

Becker divorced Angela Ermakowa in 2001, after which he had to forego maintenance payments of 6 million euros, plus an additional 5100 euros per month. In 2011 he divorced his wife, Barbara Becker. It became known that the divorce resulted in costs of around 11,000,000 euros.

In addition to the divorces, his lavish lifestyle also plays a decisive role: According to various media reports, he is supposed to pay 35,000 euros per month in rent for his house in Wimbledon (London). He is also said to have traveled around the world by private jet for 750,000 euros a year.

Career – This is how Boris Becker became successful

On November 22nd, 1967, Boris Becker was born to Elvira and Karl-Heinz Becker in Leimen, a town in Germany. He reached first place in several tennis tournaments at a young age and made it into the junior national team. In 1985, when he was only 17 years old, he won the Grand Slam tournament at Wimbledon, London. With this victory, he gained enormous fame in German-speaking countries and sparked a real tennis hype in Germany.

In his tennis career, he won a total of 15 doubles and 49 singles titles. This includes 6 “Grand Slam tournaments,” half of which he played in London. For a long time, Boris Becker was even in the first place in the tennis world rankings. In addition to tennis tournaments, he won the double gold medal at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona and Michael Stich. Becker ended his career in 1999. In the same year, he got a lot of attention for an advertisement with the Internet provider AOL with the motto “Am I in there yet?”.

This was followed by some failures such as a “New Business Sports Portal” that went bankrupt, a talk show “Becker 1: 1” in 2004, and little success as a trainer of the Davis Cup national team and head of a Hamburg tennis tournament. Boris Becker subsequently worked as a commentator and advertising medium for a beer and car brand and an online poker platform. He achieved further success as the Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic, who won six “Grand Slam tournaments” from 2013 to 2016 with Becker’s help. It is estimated that he will spend around € 800,000 per year on this activity have earned, which results in total earnings of € 2,400,000.


Date of birth27 March 1963 (age 57)
Born inKnoxville, Tennessee, USA
nationalityUnited States
marital statusmarried to Daniella Pick (since 2018)
jobFilm director, producer, actor, screenwriter, cameraman
Full nameQuentin Jerome Tarantino

How rich is Quentin Tarantino?

There is hardly a filmmaker as well known in the world as Quentin Tarantino. He writes the scripts for each of his films, which has already earned him two Oscars. Occasionally he also appears as an actor in Pulp Fiction, the cult film that gave him his breakthrough in the mid-1990s. However, the director has long since announced his withdrawal from Hollywood. The estimated net worth of Quentin Tarantino is 105 million euros.

How much Quentin Tarantino earns with his films

The exact amounts of money that Quentin Tarantino collects for his work are not known. However, it is estimated that he earns around 17 million euros per film for his work as a director. Also, there is the purchase price that he receives for the script. Also, his contract usually includes a share in the proceeds of the films. Django Unchained, his most commercially successful film, grossed around 360 million euros at box offices worldwide. Even with a one percent stake, Tarantino would have earned 3.6 million euros.

Early passion for filmmaking

As a child without siblings, Quentin Tarantino had a lot of time to go to the cinemas from a young age. There he mainly watched cheap productions and martial arts films. He dropped out of school at the age of 15 and kept himself afloat with various jobs. Among other things, he worked as an usher in a porn cinema and a video shop. At the same time, he attended acting courses and wrote scripts. With two friends, he wrote and directed his first feature film in 1987: My Best Friend’s Birthday. However, some of the material burned in the laboratory, which is why only 36 of the original 70 minutes have survived.

The 1992 film Reservoir Dogs is considered Tarantino’s directorial debut. Two years later, Pulp Fiction was released and made Quentin Tarantino the beacon of hope for the independent Hollywood scene. Despite a relatively modest budget of $ 8.5 million, he was able to win stars such as John Travolta, Bruce Willis, Uma Thurman, and Samuel L. Jackson for his project. Pulp Fiction grossed $ 214 million at the global box office, making it the most successful independent flick of all time. Also, Tarantino and his co-screenwriter Roger Avary received an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay in 1995.

With proven actors for the second Oscar

It soon became apparent that Quentin Tarantino took a lot of time between his films. In Pulp Fiction followed three years later, Jackie Brown (1997), a further six years later Kill Bill – Volume 1 (2003) in the cinemas. The second part of Kill Bill was released in 2004, just one year after the first. Tarantino also prefers to work with certain actors. Uma Thurman took the lead in Kill Bill, and Samuel L. Jackson appeared in both “Jackie Brown” and the second “Kill Bill” part. The collaboration between Tarantino and Christoph Waltz was particularly successful. The latter starred in both 2009 Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained from 2012 and won an Oscar for best-supporting actor. Tarantino, in turn, received his second Oscar for the screenplay for Django Unchained.

The end of your career?

Before Quentin Tarantino’s eighth film, The Hateful Eight, hit theaters in 2015, he announced that he would not do any more after his tenth film. Accordingly, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which was released in 2019, could be the director’s penultimate film. However, Tarantino was good for one or two surprises in his career. So the last word at the end of his career is far from being said.

Loredana Zefi: Fortune of The Rapper

Date of birthSeptember 01, 1995 (age 25)
Born inLucerne, Switzerland
Full nameLoridana Aliu Zefi
children1 (Hana)

How much money does Loredana Zefi have?

Loredana, bourgeois Loridana Aliu Zefi, started her career as a rapper in 2018. Nevertheless, she can already boast five number 1 hits in the German charts. Her album “King Lori”, released in 2019, also sold excellently. The Kosovar musician has more than two million followers on Instagram. In 2019, however, it hit the headlines for a fraud incident. Loredana’s estimated net worth is $ 2 million.

The merit of Loredana

Loredana generates the highest income through streams and sales of her album “King Lori” and her other songs. Many of their singles sold at least 200,000 copies. With over 350 million streams, she is the most successful artist in Germany on Spotify. According to estimates, she has earned more than half a million euros only through Spotify with these numbers. Also, there is the income that the rapper’s music generates on other platforms such as Deezer and Apple Music. On YouTube alone, Loredana generates a monthly income of 50,000 euros. Loredana also earns money with live performances, clicks on YouTube, and sponsored posts on Instagram, where she has more than two million followers.

Shooting star on Instagram

Loredana Zefi’s parents – the rapper’s maiden name – come from Kosovo. They have ten children; Loredana is the youngest. After the ninth grade, she left school and then began a commercial apprenticeship. Also, she started an Instagram channel on which she has regularly published lip sync videos since 2017. At the time, her partner, Gramoz Aliu, who was already well known in his native Kosovo under the stage name Mozzik, helped her. Also, Loredana posted selfies on Instagram, thereby generating increasing numbers of followers.

Success with the first songs

In June 2018, Loredana also started a channel on YouTube, on which she published her song “Sunglasses” and a music video. The video was viewed around 13 million times within two weeks. As a single, the song was sold more than 200,000 times and rose to 13th place in Switzerland, twelfth in Germany, and eighth in Austria. With Mozzik, Loredana released the song “Bonnie & Clyde” in September 2018, which had sales figures similar to its predecessor and reached the top 3 in the Swiss and German charts.

Number 1 hits in the series

After further single releases, Loredana’s debut album “King Lori” was released in September 2019. It landed at number 2 in Switzerland and number 3 in the sales lists in Germany. It included the song Kein Plan, which became the rapper’s first number 1 song in Germany. With No Word (with Juju), Angst, Du ist mein (with Zuna), and Not earned  (with Capital Bra ), four singles reached the top of the German charts from January to April 2020, in which Loredana was involved. No hunger ( feat.Ufo361) stormed the charts, as did Loredana’s other songs. Loredana and co-interpreter Juju also achieved a record with not a word: the song was streamed around 2.06 million times on the day it was released – more often than any other song by female artists in Germany first 24 hours.

Allegations of fraud and concert cancellations

In May 2019, Loredana was arrested on suspicion of cheating on an elderly couple out of around 550,000 euros. The rapper then canceled all festival appearances in German-speaking countries for which she was booked in 2019. Nevertheless, she completed a Balkan club tour in the summer of 2019. In October 2020, the public prosecutor announced that the proceedings against the musician had been discontinued because the plaintiff and the accused had reached an out-of-court settlement. Accordingly, Loredana paid the couple back the entire sum of money.

In March 2020, Loredana wanted to go on tour through Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. However, after the first concert, the tour had to be postponed to 2021 due to the corona pandemic.


Bourgeois name:Justin Drew Bieber
Date of birth:March 01, 1994 (age 25)
Place of birth:Ontario, Canada
Place of residence:Los Angeles, USA
Marital status:married to Hailey Baldwin (2018)
Job:Singer, songwriter
Height:175 cm
Weight:66 kg

Justin Bieber is currently one of the most famous and successful singers in the world. In the following article, you will find out what his earnings and assets are. We researched as much as possible and analyzed and summarized all available sources.

How much money does Justin Bieber have?

Including all currently known sources, Justin Bieber’s estimated net worth in 2019 is around 305 million euros (the equivalent of 272 million euros ).

According to celebnetworth.com, he’s supposed to make $ 95 a second. Of course, these are by no means exact values, as Bieber’s earnings vary constantly. Nevertheless, one can assume that his realistic merit takes place roughly in the following spectra:

Earnings per week$ 960,000
Earnings per day$ 136,000
Earnings per hour$ 5,700
Earnings per minute$ 95

His notable assets include his website justinbiebermusic.com, which is currently valued at over US $ 790,000, and a 1,600 m² luxury villa in Beverly Hills for US $ 8.5 million.

Assets & income from the last few years

Summary in the table below:

yearIncome ($)Fortune ($)
201850+ million265 million
201783.5 million245 million
201656 million200 million
201523 million18 million
201420 million17 million
201315 million16 million
201212 million11 million


Justin Bieber’s estimated net income in 2018 was at least 50,000,000 euros, but there is no official information. The record sales of the album “7” with David Guetta and the sales of the remix single “Despacito” were included.


2017 was one of the strongest years of his career for Justin Bieber in terms of sales. This is largely due to the ticket sales of his “Purpose” world tour (March 9, 2016 – July 2, 2019), with which he is said to have generated a turnover of 256,380,000 dollars (2,850,000 tickets sold). According to Forbes Magazine, his net income that year was $ 83.5 million.

His net worth was estimated at around $ 245,000,000 in 2017.


This year Bieber had numerous collaborations such as albums with Post Malone, DJ Snake, and Chance, in whose profits he was involved. There is also an appearance in the movie “Zoolander 2,” for which he has also received a fee. According to numerous sources, his income has amounted to 56 million US dollars in 2016.

His net worth was estimated at around $ 200,000,000 in 2016.

Album & Tour Income (Overview)


Albums / Tour:Income ($):
Believe (Acoustic)28,409,091
Believe (Deluxe Edition)21,645,022
My World2,901,360
Singles (own)7,250,000
Singles (feature)325,000
My World (Tour)4,500,000
Believe (tour)177,820,000
Purpose (World Tour)75,000,000

Career: This is how Justin Bieber became known

Childhood and adolescence

Justin Bieber was born on March 1, 1994, in Ontario, Canada. He is the son of Jeremy Jack Bieber and Patricia Lynn Malette and grew up in Stratford, a district of Ontario. When Justin Bieber was 10 months old, his parents separated, which is why his then 18-year-old mother had to raise him alone (and with her parents’ help).

He got his German surname “Bieber” from his paternal grandfather, who was once German and emigrated to Canada. Justin Bieber is still in touch with his father today. [ Source ]

Career & Success

Youtube helped today’s superstar achieve his breakthrough. At first, he published the videos of his live performances (talent competitions) only with the intention that relatives could also see them. In 2006, Bieber was discovered at the age of 12 by Scooter Braun, who became aware of his YouTube videos. A little later, with singer Usher’s help, Bieber signed a record deal with the RBMG Records label.

He then achieved great fame in a very short time. Shortly after he signed his recording deal, his debut album EP “My World” was released in November 2009. A year later came the follow-up EP “My World 2.0”, which reached number 1 in the Canadian music charts. To date, 3,000,000 copies of the album have been sold in the United States alone, and the RIAA has awarded it a triple-platinum record (3 x 1,000,000 sales).

Bieber then released the albums “Unter the Mistletoe” (2011), “Believe” (2012), and “Purpose” (2015). The latter was awarded quadruple platinum ( 4,000,000+ units sold ) by the RIAA and is still one of the most successful publications since the beginning of his career. In the first week after the release alone, the album sold 522,000 times.

In 2017, Bieber made history: He was the first singer worldwide who was represented with three songs simultaneously on the top 3 of the “Song Bestseller” list. The three songs were “Despacito (Remix),” “2U” (feat. David Guetta), and “I’m The One” (feat. DJ Khaled).


As one of the most successful singers globally, it is not surprising that Justin Bieber has already received numerous awards. Among other things, he received the “American Music Award” for the singer of the year (2010 and 2012), as well as the “Grammy Award” 2015 for the category “Best Dance Recording” with the song “Where Are Ü Now.” In 2017 he won the “Latin Grammy Award” in the “Best Urban Performance” category for his “Despacito” remix with Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee.

Sources of income apart from music

In addition to the music, which brings in the majority of his fortune, Bieber also earns his money in other ways. Among other things as an actor: He has already been seen in the TV series “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” “Cubed,” and in the film “Man in Black 3”. He is also said to have worked partly as a producer and director in the video “Beauty and the Beat.” Parallel to his albums, many documentaries about his life such as “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never” ( $ 99 million in sales ) and “Justin Bieber’s Believe” ( $ 32.2 million in sales ) were released.

Advertising deals and sponsorships are other lucrative sources of income for Justin Bieber. He is said to be partnered with Calvin Klein, OPI, and Proactiv. Media reported that his cooperation with Proactiv in 2010 should have brought him $ 3 million. In 2011 he launched his perfume, “Someday,” with which he also earned over $ 3 million. According to Forbes, the product is said to have generated $ 60,000,000 in sales in the first six months.


Bourgeois name:Michaela Janke
Date of birth:06 December 1970 (age 48)
Place of birth:Eschweiler, Germany
Place of residence:Mallorca
Marital status:in a relationship with Carlos Anthony (since 2014)
Job:Actress, presenter
Stage name:“Gina Wild”

How rich is Michaela Schaffrath / Gina Wild?

Considering all available sources, Gina Wild’s estimated fortune is around 300,000 euros. Even if, according to various reports, she no longer has a lot of money, she doesn’t seem to be doing too badly.

A Swiss erotic film producer was more than amazed when Michaela Schaffrath turned down his offer of 1,000,000 euros to return as Gina Wild. It would have been just a single strip.

What about debt?

The rejection is all the more astonishing because she said in an interview that she found her way out of the debt trap by appearing in the jungle camp in 2008. She is said to have earned up to 90,000 euros for this performance. The amount of debt is unknown.

The actress now lives in Mallorca and is apparently doing better than ever before, despite two failed marriages.

Career: This is how she became successful

Michaela Schaffrath, born as Michaela Janke on December 6th, 1970, in Eschweiler near Aachen, became known as a porn actress in 1999 under the pseudonym Gina Wild. She has been working in the theater and film business since retiring from the erotic industry.

Michaela Schaffrath grew up in the Pump Stich district of Eschweiler and trained as a pediatric nurse after graduating from secondary school. She practiced the profession for four years.

Her entry into the erotic scene began slowly but steadily as a hostess at erotic fairs. At the time, Michaela Schaffrath found herself too fat and unattractive. After a starvation diet, a changed hairstyle, and blue contact lenses, she eventually became more popular. In her career, she also underwent breast augmentation, which was well received by her fans.

The first contract took her, together with her then-husband, to Mallorca and ended after a few weeks in a financial failure due to contractual and personal discrepancies. She returned to Germany and became a porn star with the stage name Gina Wild. In 1999 and 2000, she received the Venus Award for best newcomer and best actress receives. At the end of 2000, she retired from the porn industry. In the years that followed, there were numerous new editions and new cuts of the erotic films. An estimated 800,000 units of her films had been sold by 2017, which means a unique sales success for Germany that has never been seen on this scale. According to her own statements, she no longer has any marketing rights to the recordings and, therefore, no financial advantages.

Michaela Schaffrath is still one of the most famous German actresses in this business. There are more than 3.8 million entries on Google for the pseudonym Gina Wild. Her former artist name is also a registered brand name with a corresponding website, which of course, is in Schaffrath’s possession. However, it no longer publishes content in order not to damage the image it has acquired. Astonishingly, the name is still known to the male sex since the industry’s withdrawal was a long time ago. Thirteen erotic films remained, which are apparently still very popular today. In an interview, she once mentioned that she would not have gone into the porn industry with today’s knowledge. How her life would have been instead …

Relationships, Marriages & Divorces

Michaela Schaffrath has been divorced from Axel Schaffrath since 2005 and has kept the name to confuse her fans. In 2009 she married Michael Wahnoff; the separation took place in 2013. In 2014 she fell in love with the star photographer Carlos Anthony from Hamburg, the relationship continues to this day.

The life of Michaela Schaffrath based on “Gina Wild”

Since leaving the business, Michaela Schaffrath has been earning her living as an actress, dubbing speaker, and appearing in various TV shows. For example, in 2008, in the special celebrity edition “We’re wird Millionär” with Gunther Jauch. The profit of 125,000 euros she donated to a children’s hospital and a Foundation for children with cancer in Cologne.

Despite the change in her standard of living, she seems to keep catching up with the past. In 2009, for example, an internet shop used the pseudonym and face of Michaela Schaffrath for advertising purposes. Michaela Schaffrath then sued for damages of 40,000 euros against the violation of her own brand and the encroachment on personal rights.

Engagement by Michaela Schaffrath

Since 2012 she has been the patron of German self-help for congenital immune defects. She is also an ambassador for the German bone marrow donor center and has been active in the fight against blood cancer for many years.

Acceptance in the film industry

Michaela Schaffrath is now being taken seriously by German actors and has received many small roles and guest appearances on TV to this day. The fee per day of shooting should be 1,600 euros. Depending on the type of role and the shoot duration, this can add up to a corresponding sum.

Michaela Schaffrath doesn’t seem to regret that she has finished with the past. What is clear is that she wants to be taken seriously with her current standard of living and not just associated with the past as a porn star. But the actress also knows that without her past in the porn business, she would probably not be successful in film, theater, or TV today.