Bourgeois name:Michaela Janke
Date of birth:06 December 1970 (age 48)
Place of birth:Eschweiler, Germany
Place of residence:Mallorca
Marital status:in a relationship with Carlos Anthony (since 2014)
Job:Actress, presenter
Stage name:“Gina Wild”

How rich is Michaela Schaffrath / Gina Wild?

Considering all available sources, Gina Wild’s estimated fortune is around 300,000 euros. Even if, according to various reports, she no longer has a lot of money, she doesn’t seem to be doing too badly.

A Swiss erotic film producer was more than amazed when Michaela Schaffrath turned down his offer of 1,000,000 euros to return as Gina Wild. It would have been just a single strip.

What about debt?

The rejection is all the more astonishing because she said in an interview that she found her way out of the debt trap by appearing in the jungle camp in 2008. She is said to have earned up to 90,000 euros for this performance. The amount of debt is unknown.

The actress now lives in Mallorca and is apparently doing better than ever before, despite two failed marriages.

Career: This is how she became successful

Michaela Schaffrath, born as Michaela Janke on December 6th, 1970, in Eschweiler near Aachen, became known as a porn actress in 1999 under the pseudonym Gina Wild. She has been working in the theater and film business since retiring from the erotic industry.

Michaela Schaffrath grew up in the Pump Stich district of Eschweiler and trained as a pediatric nurse after graduating from secondary school. She practiced the profession for four years.

Her entry into the erotic scene began slowly but steadily as a hostess at erotic fairs. At the time, Michaela Schaffrath found herself too fat and unattractive. After a starvation diet, a changed hairstyle, and blue contact lenses, she eventually became more popular. In her career, she also underwent breast augmentation, which was well received by her fans.

The first contract took her, together with her then-husband, to Mallorca and ended after a few weeks in a financial failure due to contractual and personal discrepancies. She returned to Germany and became a porn star with the stage name Gina Wild. In 1999 and 2000, she received the Venus Award for best newcomer and best actress receives. At the end of 2000, she retired from the porn industry. In the years that followed, there were numerous new editions and new cuts of the erotic films. An estimated 800,000 units of her films had been sold by 2017, which means a unique sales success for Germany that has never been seen on this scale. According to her own statements, she no longer has any marketing rights to the recordings and, therefore, no financial advantages.

Michaela Schaffrath is still one of the most famous German actresses in this business. There are more than 3.8 million entries on Google for the pseudonym Gina Wild. Her former artist name is also a registered brand name with a corresponding website, which of course, is in Schaffrath’s possession. However, it no longer publishes content in order not to damage the image it has acquired. Astonishingly, the name is still known to the male sex since the industry’s withdrawal was a long time ago. Thirteen erotic films remained, which are apparently still very popular today. In an interview, she once mentioned that she would not have gone into the porn industry with today’s knowledge. How her life would have been instead …

Relationships, Marriages & Divorces

Michaela Schaffrath has been divorced from Axel Schaffrath since 2005 and has kept the name to confuse her fans. In 2009 she married Michael Wahnoff; the separation took place in 2013. In 2014 she fell in love with the star photographer Carlos Anthony from Hamburg, the relationship continues to this day.

The life of Michaela Schaffrath based on “Gina Wild”

Since leaving the business, Michaela Schaffrath has been earning her living as an actress, dubbing speaker, and appearing in various TV shows. For example, in 2008, in the special celebrity edition “We’re wird Millionär” with Gunther Jauch. The profit of 125,000 euros she donated to a children’s hospital and a Foundation for children with cancer in Cologne.

Despite the change in her standard of living, she seems to keep catching up with the past. In 2009, for example, an internet shop used the pseudonym and face of Michaela Schaffrath for advertising purposes. Michaela Schaffrath then sued for damages of 40,000 euros against the violation of her own brand and the encroachment on personal rights.

Engagement by Michaela Schaffrath

Since 2012 she has been the patron of German self-help for congenital immune defects. She is also an ambassador for the German bone marrow donor center and has been active in the fight against blood cancer for many years.

Acceptance in the film industry

Michaela Schaffrath is now being taken seriously by German actors and has received many small roles and guest appearances on TV to this day. The fee per day of shooting should be 1,600 euros. Depending on the type of role and the shoot duration, this can add up to a corresponding sum.

Michaela Schaffrath doesn’t seem to regret that she has finished with the past. What is clear is that she wants to be taken seriously with her current standard of living and not just associated with the past as a porn star. But the actress also knows that without her past in the porn business, she would probably not be successful in film, theater, or TV today.


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