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Lucas Cordalis: The Singer’s Net Worth

Lucas Cordalis: The Singer’s Net Worth

How rich is Lucas Cordalis?

Lucas Cordalis earns his living as a composer, music producer and singer. He was born on August 7, 1967, in Frankfurt am Main. He became known in 1997 with the song Viva la Noche. This song was a joint production with his father and sister. Lucas has been in a relationship with Daniela Katzenberger since 2014, and the two have been married since June 4, 2016. The estimated net worth of Lucas Cordalis is 3 million euros.

Rise to a successful singer

As the son of the world-famous singer Costa Cordalis, his singing talent was recognized early on and promoted accordingly. Lucas appeared at a young age as a chorister for Costa’s songs, including the well-known song Anita. Lucas Cordalis re-recorded this hit in 2020 and is following in his father’s footsteps.

The breakthrough came with Viva la Noche’s song, which was featured in the ZDF TV garden and the ZDF hit parade. From 2002, Lucas Cordalis was mostly in Mallorca. He founded his record label Supersonic Entertainment Mallorca and set up his recording studio on the Spanish island.

In the meantime, over 10 million records have been sold, in which Lucas Cordalis was involved – for example, as a songwriter, composer or in production. This has also resulted in numerous gold and platinum awards. In the in-house studio on Mallorca, Lucas has already worked with stars like David Hasselhoff and DJ Bobo as a producer and remixer.

His father, Costa Cordalis, took part in the 2004 TV show Ich bin ein Star: Get Me Out Of Here! in part, this is Lucas, the single jungle king produced. The single stayed in the German top ten charts for over eight weeks. That was also a financial success.

Lucas Cordalis in many TV shows

To further increase his awareness, Lucas Cordalis took part in numerous TV programs. He was first seen in 2004 on RTL’s Star Duell program, which was a singing competition in which nine other stars took part alongside Lucas. The jury consisted of Nina Hagen, Caroline Beil, Roberto Blanco and Daniel Küblböck. Sonja Zietlow moderated the show. The show was not a great success, which is why it was canceled early.

In 2014 he took part in the ProSieben Promiboxen and won against Marcus Schenkenberg. The following year he took part in the TV Total Wok World Cup. In 2018, the singer was also a participant in the second season of Global Gladiators, which he even won. In 2019 he took part in Schlag the Star, where he competed against Paul Janke and won 100,000 euros.

Husband of Daniela Katzenberger

He is mainly present in the media because he is married to the model Daniela Katzenberger. His wife is not only a model but also a writer, singer and reality show actress. Lucas Cordalis is, of course, also used in the shows with the cat. Daniela’s media presence also benefits her husband. The cat’s debut album was released in 2016 with Lucas Cordalis and entered Germany at number 81. Her first single was released in 2010 and reached number 19 in Germany.

Lucas also shows the latest insights into his life on Instagram, which means that he already has over 500,000 subscribers. Daniele Katzenberger is, of course, also present on social media channels. The couple knows how to present themselves. He gained a lot of attention in 2020 with a song he shared with Daniela Katzenberger on Instagram about the coronavirus issue. In any case, we will certainly continue to see a lot more about Lucas Cordalis and his cat on TV and the Internet. click here.


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