Klaus Meine: Fortune of The Scorpions Singer

Date of birth25 May 1948 (age 72)
Born inHanover, Germany
marital statusmarried to Gabi Meine (since 1976)
jobSinger, songwriter
children1 (Christian)

How much money does Klaus Meine have?

Klaus Meine is best known as the singer of the German hard rock formation Scorpions. With the rock ballad Wind of Change, he landed at number one in eleven European charts, with the lyrics and melody by Klaus Meine. Before he could enjoy the comforts of rock-star life, however, he trained as a decorator in a very down-to-earth manner. He was also employed as a delivery driver. Also, he was always involved in band projects. For example, he sang in the Hanoverian bands’ Mushrooms and Copernicus. Klaus Meine has been active with the Scorpions since 1969. Most of the Scorpions’ lyrics come from his pen, but he also works as a songwriter for other artists. In 2006 he was named number 22 of the top-heavy metal singers of all time. The estimated net worth of Klaus Meine is 65 million euros.

Scorpions – rock’n’roll, jeans, and leather jackets

In 1965 Rudolf Schenker founded the band Scorpions. Until 1969, however, the band didn’t get anywhere – then Klaus Meine and Rudolf Schenker’s brother Michael joined the Scorpions. The first album Lonesome Crow already received international attention. However, to do this, they first had to consistently perform countless live performances wherever there was a power outlet. The first money will be used to buy a band bus and pay off the record company’s debts.

The hard work paid off: in 1973, the first European tour took place with the band Sweet. In 1975 the album In Trance was created, which hit Japan especially. Great Britain was also downright in Scorpions fever. This was followed by tours worldwide in sold-out halls, further albums were made, and various band members came and went. Klaus Meine and Rudolf Schenker are unwavering to this day.

Great success and great drama

In the 80s, the Scorpions managed to headline their second US tour. However, the non-stop work paid its tribute: Klaus Meine lost his voice on the world tour in 1981 due to the overload. Two vocal cord operations and many therapies followed until he started a brilliant comeback in 1982. The fans remained loyal to Klaus Meine and his band. In 1984 they played three sold-out concerts in a row in Madison Square Garden in front of 60,000 people.

Klaus Meine conquers Russia

In 1988 Klaus Meine set out with the Scorpions to conquer Russia. Sold out concerts in front of 350,000 people also impressed the Russian authorities, and the band was allowed to perform at the Moscow Peace Music Festival. This concert’s impressions inspired Klaus Meine to the most successful Scorpions hit of all time: Wind of Change. The song should have sold around 15 million copies by now. In 1991 Michael Gorbachev invited the band to the Kremlin, another high point in their career.

Farewell and comeback

Countless international appearances follow, such as in Beirut in 1996 when Lebanon’s civil war came to an end. In Russia, too, they were always welcome. Their farewell tour took place from 2010 to 2012, but the album Comeback was also released. In 2016 the band celebrated its 50th anniversary. Despite international success, the band has always remained true to their homeland. Klaus Meine lives in Berlin and has been married to his wife Gabi since 1977. The two have a son, Christian, who also works in the music business.

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