Kai Pflaume, Munich And His Beloved Car: Now It’s Getting Completely Absurd

A cool photo of Kai Pflaume with his car at the gas station backfired. Now he counters the “embarrassing” advice on a detail.

  • Kai Pflaume filled his Audi RS6 with E10 – that was ridiculed by the fans.
  • But the fuel is not only environmentally friendly, but it is also suitable for the car.
  • Now he’s teasing the followers again – and confusing winter with summer bikes. 

Update from November 14, 2020: Two things will not surprise anyone who follows Kai Pflaume’s Instagram activities. First: He was busy in Munich. And second: it documents almost every step with a story. Coffee bar, car repair shop, hairdresser, baker, jogging – the (presumably incomplete) balance of around 24 hours. His beloved car is at the center of everything.

First, he made a little glitch. “I’m going to have my summer bikes put on my car right now,” he says to the fans. “This is not the right day for it, I think it’s almost 16 degrees in Munich. The sun is shining, it’s more like spring. But: Winter is coming. ”Uh, wait a minuteSUMMER BIKES? He then notices it pretty quickly. “I mean WINTER WHEELS, of course, ” he added to the story fragment afterward.

And when he’s already busy with his car, he’ll go straight to the gas station. Yet again! And this time too, Kai Pflaume insists on taking up the E10 vortex, which recently gave him a lot of fan complaints (see below). Many thought that the E10 did not belong in his cars. Both he and the inscription on the fuel cap say something else. “Hmmm, what am I filling up today?” Says Kai Pflaume now in his Instagram story and waves over different fuel nozzles. “I could try that too,” he says when he is at Diesel has arrived. And then gives in. “Ok, ok, ok,” he writes to a photo that shows him filling up with super fuel. So again no E10! But high entertainment value.

“Embarrassing” detail in this picture? Kai Pflaume counters complaints: “Here again for everyone …”

Update from November 10, 2020: That is what concerns him, Kai Pflaume! His cool photo from the gas station (see below) backfired. Because the fans noticed en masse that he is pouring E10 into his sled. Some even found it “embarrassing” – and his choice of fuel sparked bitter discussions. Kai Pflaume already briefly responded to the fan reactions in his Instagram story on Saturday with a laughing plum emoji. And now, at the next refueling stop on the A8 Stuttgart-Munich, he couldn’t resist another counterattack. The Pflaumegate topic goes into the next round!

“Here, just for everyone, it says you can also fill up with E10 “, the TV presenter speaks into the camera. “But I am capable of learning. I won’t do it. ”To do this, he first shows the sticker on the inside of his tank cap with a flashing lightning symbol. There you can read that his Audi RS6 swallows both E5 and E10. Swivel to the pump: “Super 100 plus” is this time in the tank. Another finding: Plums that are constantly on the move need a lot of fuel. The ad is at 107 euros at the moment, but he only fetched a few days ago.

Kai Pflaume, on the other hand, does not run on biofuel or the more expensive one. But with an entirely different fuel, as he reports his tank stops at the end: “Fueled I and a pretzel bought and a coffee. Now it’s on to Munich.”

Kai Pflaume shows up at a Munich gas station with his fast sleigh – many notice the same detail: “How embarrassing”

Our article from November 6, 2020: Munich – Is the man everywhere? Feels so, if you eagerly follow your Instagram * profile: Kai Pflaume (53) is also busy in Germany during the corona pandemic. But his home is and will be Munich. And from there he also speaks out privately. Be it jogging, at the bakery, or simply from the restaurant.

Now he posted a photo of a gas station in Munich. “It’s Thursday evening, fill up again quickly and then head for the weekend with full power, ” he writes. And is looking forward to the Bundesliga hit of his FC Bayern against BVB on Saturday (which Kai Pflaume and everyone else can of course follow in our live ticker ).

Kai Pflaume proudly shows his Audi in Munich

But Kai Pflaume is aware that the text is not the first eye-catcher. But his speedy Audi RS6, which he has already staged in the past. Kai Pflaume poses coolly in front of this. And the bright colors make the scenery supposedly perfect. The photo is a bit chubby. But many followers like it. “ Sick car ”, “What a dream car” and “Mega Combo”, it says.

Kai Pflaume fills up with E10 – an escalating discussion unfolds

However, very many look closely. Because the car fans notice what ends up in the tank. “You don’t seriously fill up with E10 in the RS6, do you ?” Asks a follower. “Why not?” Answers Kai Pflaume promptly. A discussion quickly ensued among car fans about whether or not a fast sled should be fed with bio-fuel.

Also under another post: “Drive the R6 and then fill up with the E10. .how embarrassing, “it says. “The knock sensor regulates that with the low OZ. Nevertheless, such fuel should only be an emergency solution for such an engine, ”writes a specialist. Kai Pflaume stays cool and reacts: “E10 is recommended for normal street use. I’m not on the racetrack. ”If you scroll through the comments, you will always find E10 hints.

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