Jeffree Star Net Worth – Became A Household Name in Cosmetics

Jeffree Star is a fashion designer, singer, American model, makeup artist, and songwriter. He is one of the highest-paid YouTube stars in the world, and he has his own cosmetic business called Jeffree Star Cosmetics. It is the source of the majority of his income. His net worth is assumed to be around $200 million.  

Early Life of Jeffree Star: 

He was born in Orange County, which is located in California. He was born on the 15th of September in the year 1985. His father is Jeffrey Steininger Sr. Who died a horrific death as he committed suicide when Jeffree Star was only six years of age. After the death of his father, he was raised by his mother, Marra Shubyann Lindstrom. His mother was a former model. 

When he was young, he used to pick up his mother’s makeup and experiment with it. His obsession with makeup started in his early days when he regularly went to school wearing makeup. After high school graduation, he went to Hollywood to pursue a career in makeup and modeling. He also had an interest in the music industry. While in Hollywood, he used to work at several makeup counters.  

Jeffree Star also moved into Social Media and also was successful in getting a large number of followers.

In the meantime, he started making connections with the celebrities for his makeup skills. Jeffree Star also moved into Social Media and also was successful in getting a large number of followers. He used to post makeup videos on MySpace. He also posted songs on that site. His photo posts started getting thousands of comments, and he gained instant success on the platform. 

In the year 2006, he was the most famous personality on MySpace. His songs were also quite successful and were topping the charts at MySpace.  

Music Career: 

He released his first album by the name of Beauty Killer in the year 2009. His album was #2 on the Heatseekers chart and #122 on Billboard 200. It also made it to the top 10 US dance albums. This is the only album that he made, but he released four extended plays and some music videos. Jeffree Star opens self-quarantine experience.

Cupcakes Taste Like Violence, his 2008 extended play came on top 10 on most of the major charts. Jeffree Star also worked with Nicki Minaj and Kesha. He also signed a deal with Akon in 2010 for a second album, but it never saw the light of day. He instead confirmed his personality clashes with Akon were the reason behind leaving the album. After his, he left the music industry altogether.  

Jeffree Star Cosmetics: 

Jeffree Star founded his cosmetics company in the year 2014. He used all of his earning that he had made through makeup and music career to form the company. He nearly became bankrupt after forming the company, and he had also left his music career dead in the water. Jeffree Star is one of the first makeup celebrities to use YouTube to promote his personality alongside his brand.  

His initial YouTube videos were about music, but then he started promoting his brand in the following videos. He gained immense followers in a short span of time. YouTube following went over 15 million, and he had over 1.7 billion views.  

His first product, collection of liquid lipstick sold like hotcakes and all of the 30,000 were sold in minutes of launch. He then went on to release the following products: 

  • Lip Scrubs 
  • Highlighter 
  • Eye Shadow Pallets  
  • Makeup Bags 
  • Mirrors 


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He gained massive success due to his brand, and his incomes due to the makeup empire were about $100 million. Due to all of this, his net worth is now around $200 million. He became a millionaire because he had a goal in his mind, and he went on to achieve it. Here you go to read about Lori Loughlin

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