How Much R Kelly Net Worth 2020 And Court Settlements

Robert Sylvester Kelly is a songwriter, singer, record producer, musician, and a former basketball player. He is from America and born on Jan 8 in the year 1967. R Kelly is well known for contributing to the redefinition of hip hop and R&B. Due to this, R Kelly is also known as the King of R&B or Pied Piper of R&B. His net worth is around $100,000.  

Best Songs: 

His best-known songs are: 

  • I Believe I Can Fly 
  • Bump N’ Grind 
  • Gotham City 
  • Ignition 
  • Your Body’s Callin’ 
  • If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time 
  • The World’s Greatest 
  • I’m a Flirt 
  • Trapped in the Closet 

Above mentioned songs are some of his best ones and garnered him huge fame and success. His song I Believe I Can Fly is his biggest hit yet, and it earned him 3 Grammy awards. Kelly’s main profession is singing and songwriting, but he has also written and produced songs. He has also worked with him, Michael Jackson. 

R&B Career: 

He wrote Michael Jackson’s song. You Are Not Alone and was nominated for a Grammy award. His record sales are also quite extreme over 75 million copies. This makes him one of the most successful R&B artists ever and the most successful R&B artist of the 1990s. He is also included in one of the best-selling music artists in the world.

In the US, he ranks at the 55th position of the best-selling music artist. His album sales are over 32 million, which makes him one of the best music artists in the States. Billboard names him as the best R&B artist between 1985-2010, and it also makes him the most successful R&B artist in the history of music. 

R Kelly came under bad weather, as he under the limelight that he sexually abused underage girls.


In the 1990s, Kelly came under bad weather, as he under the limelight that he sexually abused underage girls. This is a very serious allegation in the United States and is not taken lightly by anyone in the world. He doesn’t accept these allegations and claims that all of the charges are bogus. 

In the 2000s, he also came under a controversy that he had 13 counts of child pornography. This was a huge setback for the artist and for his public image. This is the worst condition that any artist can find himself in. He was freed of all these charges in 2008, and his reputation was saved from being destroyed.

R Kelly is not new to these types of controversies, and he had several sexual abuse allegations on him, but he completely denied all of the allegations. But all of these allegations in certain phases of his lives can’t all be fake, so everyone thought he might be telling lies about all of the sexual allegations. 


In January in 2019, Surviving R. Kelly was a lifetime docuseries that ran and mainly focused on the sexual allegations and the sexual abuse that he did to many women. When R. Kelly was asked about this, he was still in opposition and denied all of the allegations. The public didn’t take this very well, and Kelly destroyed his public image.

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People started using the hashtag Mute R. Kelly, and this became so famous and worldwide that the record company RCA Records that Kelly worked for. The hashtags had such an effect that RCA Records had to drop Kelly in the dust. Kelly’s sexual abuse was quite famous at the time, and everybody knew about the allegations, and on Feb 22 in the year 2019, he was convicted of 10 counts of sexual abuse.  

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After all of these allegations that started in the 1990s, he was finally arrested on sex crimes and one the obstruction of justice. At present, he is under 18 federal counts, which include children pornography, kidnapping, and sexual abuse, etc. As a result of all of these charges, he is currently held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in the city of Chicago.

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