Fresh Hit Love? New Videos Fuel The Rumors – Fans Freak Out: “Perfect Dream Couple”

In the Schlager world, there is a new dream couple. Given the new pictures, at least the fans have no doubts and are happy.

  • The Schlager world dreams of a new couple in the scene.
  • This wish could come true.
  • Fireheart singer Karsten Walter and newcomer Marina Marx are creating enthusiasm with new pictures.

Munich – The Schlager world thirsts for dreamy love stories. No wonder! After all, it is precisely this topic that is very popular in the Schlager songs. Since the separation of Florian Silbereisen and Helene Fischer, a gap has opened up in the scene. Who is now responsible for the picture book love story?

Almost four weeks ago, a smooch picture caused a sensation in the small Schlager universe. Fireheart singer Karsten Walter and the newcomer Marina Marx raised the pulse of the Schlager fans. In a short Instagram video, the blonde singer could be seen giving the singer and model a big kiss on the cheek.

New Schlager dream couple? Fans with a clear guess

The fans immediately asked each other and the two of them: “Are you together now”? So far there has been no real statement. And so the fans continue to hope for the new Schlager dream couple. And Karsten and Marina ensure with further postings that hope does not wane.

Marina Marx sent the kiss video described to the world almost four weeks ago via Instagram. Shortly after that, the Fireheart singer followed up. He shared a short TikTok video on Instagram. In it, Marina and he sing very expressively and trust a full playback. It’s a bit like a television soap opera. The fans continued to hope for love with the clip: “Is that sweet” and “The kiss was missing” can be read in the comments below the video.

New Schlager dream couple? Karsten and Marina fuel rumors

A few days ago Karsten posted the next short comedic video with Marina on the net. The fans celebrate the acting part: “You just have it,” writes one user. Another says: “You two are also a bit boring, right?” Well – at least Karsten and Marina use the corona lockdown for new videos. Because now Marina stepped up again and went one better in terms of acting.

In the latest Instagram clip, the two play the final scene from the film “Titanic” in a comedic manner. About the female lead, Marina writes: “What Rose would do in 2020”. The clip has it all: The two are obviously in a bed or on a couch. Karsten Marina hugs the upper body freely before disappearing under the virtual surface of the water, just before the singer can save her cell phone from the floods.

Schlager dream couple? Fans freak out: “That’s so cute”

Such a familiar and intimate interaction with each other naturally leads to further speculation among the fans. “You two are so cute,” writes one user in the comments. “I think your videos are great, more of them. You are a perfect dream couple for me ”, says another. A third says: “Love is in the Air” and another says “That’s so cute”.

But how much is there in the rumors? So far there is no official statement. It is well known that the two have got along well since their tour together. Are there just two friends spending the lockdown here?

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