Extravagant seeds to sell in a gardening business

Extravagant seeds to sell in a gardening business:

When undertaking and betting on a business-related to plants, orchards, and the world of planting, the options are endless.

You can sell vegetables, palms, succulents, cacti, aromatic herbs … However, for some reason, they always tend to choose the same domestic specimens.

If you are tired of selling the same plants as always but want to offer your customers more original and extravagant plants, write down the strange seeds that you like the most in this article and differentiate yourself from the rest.

Pitaya or dragon fruit

Belonging to the Cactaceae family, this strikingly colored American fruit is an excellent choice. This plant stands out a lot and can be sold to decorate original houses, tables, or corners. This type of plant needs good sun exposure.

There are different varieties of pitaya, such as  Hylocereus triangularis, Hylocereus undatus, and Hylocereus polyrhizus, to name a few. They are mainly differentiated by the tonality of their exterior since their multiple nutritional and antioxidant properties are the same.

Psychotria elata or kiss flower

Native to South America, this cute mouth-shaped flower is one of the rare plants worth displaying at home.

Thanks to its forested nature,  Psychotria seed needs humid environments to thrive and a few companions that allow it to grow below them.

If you decide to add it to your vegetable catalog, be sure to recommend that buyers provide plenty of water, shade, and indirect sunlight, since the direct flow of lightning could negatively affect its development. It is also essential to protect it from strong air currents since it deforms them.


With all the benefits of cannabis, excluding it from your list of strange plants to plant would be a very unwise decision. And is that this plant, in addition to having a  simple cultivation process, has considerable production potential and a level of quality superior to its commercial peers.

Before advising potential clients, make sure that they are feminized and easy to grow. On the other hand, they must know that the substrate to be used must be rich in soil, rock wool, coconut fiber, and clay, together with a piece of artificial lighting equipment whose bulbs adjust appropriately to their growth phases.

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You can also recommend care regarding irrigation. It is best to opt for filtered water using an osmosis system so that in this way, the purity margin is higher, and you can add fertilizers.

White aubergine

The spectacular white aubergines are very original and easy to maintain. The season indicated to include them in the home garden is winter, the best time to sell them. He recommends that they are placed in a semi-shaded seedbed that gradually adapts to light.

You can also tell them that when they have germinated and are adapted to the sun, it will be time to transplant them to the ground. During this step, it is crucial to place them in rows of about 30 cm between each specimen. The next step should be to install a  drip-type irrigation system that keeps the substrate always moist, and in approximately 2 months, you will obtain an original and productive harvest.

Sell ​​different plants, and win customers.

These are just some original and strange plants that, perhaps, you have not considered adding to your catalog. As an entrepreneur, you must be up to date and surprise all customers. With this type of plant, you will sell much more. Innovation and originality are very important to succeed in business. Bet on the different and offer different products.

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