Bourgeois name:Dan Brandon Bilzerian
Date of birth:7th December 1980 (age 39)
Born in:Tempa, Florida, USA
Current Location:Bel Air, California, USA
Marital status:single
Parents:Paul Bilzerian, Terri Steffen
Brothers and sisters:Adam Bilzerian
Job:Entrepreneur, influencer

Dan Bilzerian (real Dan Brandon Bilzerian), also known as the “Instagram King” or the “Bill Gates of Poker,” is an American poker player, influencer, actor, and successful entrepreneur. At the beginning of his career, he played in the main event of the World Series of Poker (Poker World Championship) and has since been known for his excessive and lavish lifestyle, which he presents daily on social networks (Instagram, Snapchat & Facebook).

Considering all income sources, Dan Bilzerian’s estimated net worth is around $ 150 million in 2020.

Earnings per week$ 500,000
Earnings per day$ 71,000
Earnings per hour$ 2,900
Earnings per minute$ 49

Introduction: childhood and adolescence

Dan Bilzerian was born on December 7, 1980, in Tempa (Florida, USA) and is Paul Bilzerian and Terri Steffen’s son. He has been to countless universities but never graduated. A little later, he enrolled at the University of Florida, where he graduated in criminology and business. He first came to play poker through his brother Adam Bilzerian, who showed him how poker works.

Career: How did Dan Bilzerian get his fortune?

His father’s legacy of millions

His father, Paul Bilzerian, gained media attention through dirty deals. From 1989 to 1991, he was sentenced to $ 62 million in court fines, after which he filed for bankruptcy. He had already transferred most of his fortune to his wife and son Dan Bilzerian (in the form of a trust fund ). This multi-million start-up capital was just the beginning …

Millions in winnings through poker tournaments

Dan’s poker career only began in 2009 at the Poker World Championship in Las Vegas, where he was eliminated in 180th place. A year later, he was voted one of the funniest poker players on Twitter by Bluff Magazine.

Estimated Net Worth$ 150 million
Total poker winnings$ 50 million
Highest poker win$ 10.8 million
Biggest loss$ 6 million

Simultaneously, he had to defend himself against Alex Rodriguez, who claimed that Dan was playing poker illegally. In 2013 Dan Bilzerian published in a social media post that he was in one night10.8 million US dollars won at poker. In the following year, he already stated that over 50 million US dollars to have earned.

After his gigantic poker winnings, he often compared himself to the richest entrepreneurs in the world, including Bill Gates – by this, he did not mean that Bill Gates is a poker player. Still, rather one should understand it to mean that Bilzerian sees poker as a kind of business. You may think what you like of Bilzerian, but you have to admit that there are very few professional poker players who win such large sums of money – and they do so regularly!

When he made it public in 2016 that he might want to run for President of the United States, he got more attention and reach. At that time, he was asked what he would like to have on his campaign flyer, and he responded with, “I don’t care, as long as I’m riding a tortoise with a machinegun.” It currently has 26.6 million followers on Instagram.

Ignite – Dan Bilzerian’s cannabis company

It should be clear to everyone who follows him on Instagram that Dan Bilzerian has a lot to do with drugs. With  Ignite (in collaboration with  ALQ Gold Corp ), the poker playboy, as the media likes to call him, is now entering the cannabis business. The name of his company, incidentally, is  Vulcan Enterprises Ltd.

The high reach of his Instagram profile is, of course, also regularly used for marketing. One can assume that a Bilzerian Instagram story would reach several million people.

Also, he posted a screenshot of his Snapchat insights on April 16, 2019, showing that his Snapchat stories have been viewed almost 1 billion times this year. This corresponds to a playback time of around 175 million minutes. Also interesting: 95% of his followers on Snapchat are male.

How much does he make from Ignite?

Exactly how much he earns with this company is not known. But since he is primarily focusing on this project, we estimate that the monthly turnover is definitely in the millions.

Dan Bilzerian App – “Save Dan” video game

With the development studio “Novasoft Games,” he brought his own video game for iOS and Android smartphones onto the market. The app was kept in the classic survival game style and was called “Save Dan.” You played the main character Dan Bilzerian, who had to prove himself to fight for survival against “zombified women.”

You can find the official trailer for the game here:

It was a free-to-play game monetized with display advertising from Google AdMob (Google’s advertising network for apps). Usually, you earn around 1-2 US dollars per 1000 impressions. The app is currently no longer available for download as it appears to have violated the guidelines.

Total earnings with “Save Dan”: 50,000 – 100,000 US dollars

Dan Bilzerian’s (new) luxury villa 2019

At the end of 2016, the poker millionaire sold his villa, also known as the “Bilzerian Estate” or “Liebesvilla,” because the 5 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms were not enough for him. The former residence was 375 square meters and was offered for sale for 5.25 million US dollars.

Dan Bilzerian then moved into a gigantic one $ 500 million Risenvillain Bel-Air (known under the name “Ignite House” or “The One”), which according to various sources, is only rented. In the following picture, you can see the current instruction:

The architect completed the house, Donald Bolin, in 2017, It is an incredible 2880m², and the garage alone offers space for more than 70 vehicles.

The villa has several golf courses, pools, outdoor training grounds, a tennis court, home cinemas, a bowling alley, countless bedrooms, and much more. One of the bedrooms alone has 5 huge flat screens on the wall.

Which vehicles are in his possession?

Anyone who thinks that Bilzerian does not fill his huge garage with numerous luxury cars is seriously mistaken. Below you will find all of his cars, as well as their approximate values.

List of all 17 cars:

  • Bentley Continental Flying Spur ($ 208,700)
  • 1970 Toyota Land Cruiser (value unknown)
  • Shelby Cobra (2,000,000+ US dollars)
  • Rolls Royce Ghost ($ 250,000)
  • Polaris RZR 900 ($ 20,000)
  • Lamborghini Aventador ($ 450,000)
  • Range Rover Storm-Trooper (value unknown)
  • Eleanor Mustang (value unknown)
  • Jimco Buggy ($ 150,000)
  • Ferrari F430 (value unknown)
  • Mercedes Benz G63 AMG ($ 975,000)
  • CAN-AM Maverick Max X RS ($ 30,000)
  • Fisker Karma (from 100,000 US dollars)
  • Dodge Ram 3500 (value unknown)
  • CAN-AM Maverick 1000R (value unknown)
  • M35 Cargo Truck (value unknown)
  • Ferrari Superfast ($ 400,000)

The total value of his cars: approximately $ 5,000,000.

$ 6 million loss on a bizarre bet

In an interview with Graham Bensinger on September 20, 2017, the eccentric poker millionaire said he lost $ 6 million with a “heads or tails” bet. Bilzerian’s answer, “Well, just f *** it.” suggests that this amount of money could not have been a major loss.

Numerous articles are also circulating on the net, claiming that he has already gambled away 11 Bentley cars while playing poker.

Conclusion on his fortune:  Even if we do not know the exact figures regarding Dan Bilzerian’s fortune, one thing is certain: he has endless money, has countless women around him, and is damned successful!

More interesting facts

1. He can be seen in a supporting role in Hollywood films now and then

He has already appeared in the following films: “War Dogs,” “Lone Survivor,” “The Equalizer,” “Extraction,” and “Cat Run 2”.

2. In 2006 he had two heart attacks on each other. The next followed in 2011

A mixture of cocaine, ecstasy, and potency pills was responsible for heart attacks. However, the doctors couldn’t find any long-term damage and said he was fine. According to his own statements, he had sex with his girlfriend four times during his hospital stay.

3. Before college, he was a member of the US Navy Seals

In 1999 Dan Bilzerian started training with the Navy Seals. However, a few years later, shortly before graduation, he was kicked out of the American Navy for insulting a commander. Then he started his studies …

April 2019: Dan Bilzerian bought a bear

Update April 20, 2019: To celebrate the 4/20 day, Bilzerian is, of course, throwing a decent house party as usual. He presents himself feeding a 2.5 m tall grizzly bear in front of his property on social media – in the background with dozens of women cheering him. That caused another shit storm in the media, and even the PETA criticized him publicly. His words “Su ** my Di **” indicate once again that he doesn’t care in the least.


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