COVID-19 in Marketing Times or Will it be the other way around?

Quarantine Monday night, after dealing with the traffic that forms between the desk and the chair, I prepare to enjoy a series or movie. All that “wide” content that the streaming platforms offer us is in front of me, and while I contemplate if I should give a second turn to that content (including a movie about a dog that plays soccer), a question clouds my head.

These weeks of confinement are wreaking havoc with your mental health, but … What will be happening with many of the transnational companies in this and other countries?

These companies, which we all believe have the most robust foundations and can survive almost any pandemic or tragic event worldwide, are now forced to get 100 percent creative.

Not only to generate sales but to be able to survive; And even when we are sure that this will happen and that we will return to the streets, to our offices and social gatherings, this period makes it clear to us that many things will change and we must take advantage of this crisis to promote and strengthen ourselves with the times to come.

Here are some recommendations that can be applied to companies of all sizes.

Show your customers how much you care.

According to a study by Clutch, 75% of people are willing to start a business relationship with companies or brands with which they share values ​​and beliefs and with which they generate a higher level of empathy than their competitors.

An excellent way to start a campaign of social responsibility and empathy during these difficult times is to show, with all the luxury of detail that your company places on its collaborators, direct and indirect employees as the essential priority for the business.

If your company has allocated part or production to basic necessities, it is time to communicate it without turning it into a soap opera, but showing muscle.

Don’t abandon them

Without making a difference between new or recurring, whether online or physical, your customers need to know your updates, products, hours, sales channels, promotions, and all the information you can share with them.

In many cases, customer satisfaction depends directly on the number of contacts that occur after the sale and how they relate to after-sales service.

Make sure that the communication generated is as personalized as possible and stay away, if possible, from mass mailings with generic promotions.

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Study the behavior of your clients, their interests, that they have bought in the past, and personalize the offer. Make shipments totally segmented otherwise, you will only get your customers to click on the much-feared button: “Unsubscribe”.

In difficult times, do Branding.

While it is true that sales in many industries are falling, once this is over, it is highly likely that buying habits will return along with customers, and therefore they must keep you in mind.

Carry out Branding activities, those of social responsibility or empathy can help you close the link with your clients and consider you a viable option.

What you can do to position yourself during the pandemic:

  • Presence in Social and Digital Networks. Do not decrease the effort or stop publishing; Take the opportunity to generate content that helps people understand more about your products or services and the benefits of acquiring them and ways to stay safe or cope with confinement. These empathy and social responsibility activities have a very natural place on these platforms. Take into account that the prices of the campaigns and spaces of SEM and on the same social media are lower, so you can take advantage of them to increase the presence and visibility in these media.
  • Free service or product testing. During difficult times, decision-makers in companies and at home, analyze in a more detailed way the products or services they will acquire, and having a test at hand will not only help them cope with the moment, but they will be able to experience first hand if it is what they require and, when it is time to return to normality, or to our new reality, the client will have the proof in mind; whereas, in the case of digital services, once the trial period has ended, the client is more likely to keep the service. Nike allowed access to the Nike Training App for free during the pandemic.
  • Content is King. Generate content that can help your clients cope with time. For example, the DoubleTree hotel chain, which is in a precarious situation due to the low percentage of occupancy in its facilities, decided to publish its famous recipe for chocolate chip cookies, with the message from its CEO “A chip cookie Hot chocolate will not solve everything, but it can bring a moment of calm and happiness.”

At the end of the day, companies, regardless of the industry, are going through difficult times like their customers, but it is up to us entrepreneurs and marketers to generate and develop elements that are useful to customers, and that reminds you of your brand. As your ally in these difficult times.

Bismarck Lepe
Bismarck Lepe is CEO and founder of Wizeline, a product intelligence company that helps businesses drive the development of products. Prior to Wizeline, Lepe was a co-founder and founding CEO of Ooyala, a video technology platform company. At Ooyala, he raised $20 million in funding and led the strategy that drove its early growth and success. Previously, he was an early employee at Google, responsible for Ads Quality products and Video Advertising, which contributed over $1 billion in revenue.

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