Canteen Disgrace With Cordon Bleu Provocation: Kai Pflaume Duped Elton During The Lunch Break

Elton suffered a disgrace in the canteen. Kai Pflaume provides a provocative video, which Elton immediately commented on.

Munich – In the evening program of the ARD at 6 p.m., the show “Who knows something?” Is a must for many fans. Moderator Kai Pflaume will guide the show. In the quiz show’s rate team, Bernhard Hoecker and Elton face the sometimes tricky questions. So it’s no wonder that Pflaume and Elton now and then come together with funny tips.

“Who knows something like that?” (ARD): Lunch break becomes a disgrace for Elton – Kai Pflaume is kidding him

But in the canteen during the lunch break, collegiality is again put to the test. Because as Kai Pflaume shows his followers on Instagram, there is only one cordon bleu, but plenty of corn. And Pflaume snatches the last Cordon Bleu from his colleague’s nose – and films it all too! “It’s a shame, Elton,” says Pflaume and says to the waitress: “I’ll take the Cordon Bleu too”, and explains: “But there’s still corn”. He pans the camera on the corn on the cob. When the cordon bleu is taken out of the bowl, plum comments maliciously and provocatively with a long “Oooooooooohhhhhhhhh”.

Elton notices this and cobbles together the stories that Pflaume made on Instagram. He wrote under the corn incident: “First eat the last Cordon Bleu for me …”. Elton then shows a story of Plum, who takes food to go – and that even in three bags. Thereupon Elton can’t resist the comment: “And then whistle in two or three bags of food in the evening. No wonder that Kai Pflaume is constantly jogging ”. An allusion to the fact that Pflaume very often laces up his running shoes and also films himself regularly. All of this probably happened on Tuesday, November 17th.

“Who knows that?” (ARD): Elton eats Mettbrotchen – Kai Pflaume is jogging

On Wednesday, November 18, Elton will then show his meal, which was much less spectacular than the cordon bleu or the plum dinner: namely a Mettbrotchen. And Kai Pflaume was jogging around the Alster again. This time even in interval training. The TV presenter is preparing well for the next culinary delight.

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