‘Bar Central’, a hospitality business name allied with luck

After the Euromillions prize that the Central Bar of Mayorga distributed, the Central Bar of Carrion de Los Condes records a tenth winner of the first prize of the National Lottery.

Today’s National Lottery draw wanted the number awarded with the first prize to be 02,412 and that a tenth entered in the Central bar of Carrion de Los Condes had that number. So far, everything would be healthy, but the owner of the establishment, Jorge del Valle, makes it clear that there is a curious fact about this award. “Luck has set in the bars that we call ourselves ‘Central’. The one who has distributed so many millions in Mayorga is called the same », explains Del Valle. He hopes that this coincidence will serve to make luck become a regular customer of his business, if only by name. “We have distributed many more prizes. I remember a primitive of five and the complementary one, pools and several more prizes », he adds.

As usually happens in these cases, except on rare occasions, the owner does not know who has been the winner. However, he is convinced that he is from the area since his clients are the vast majority of residents of the municipality. “He has earned 60,000 euros, less what the Treasury takes away. I hope that if he appears, he will invite me to a seafood platter, “says the owner of the bar with humour.

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With or without a seafood platter, Jorge recognizes that this award can bring him joy. “I hope this will help people to find luck here, which seems to have something we do have. Let’s see if we can continue along this line and support the people of the area have reasons to enjoy and forget about the coronavirus a little, “stresses the manager of the Central bar in Carrion de Los Condes.

The draw for not only smiled at Carrion de Los Condes within the province of Palencia. The second prize, endowed with 12,000 euros to the tenth, has fallen distributed among several municipalities and one of them is Osorno.

Bismarck Lepe
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