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The Rapper Apache 207 Net Worth & Career

The Rapper Apache 207 Net Worth & Career

How much money does Apache 207 have?

Apache 207 (civil: Volkan Yaman) was born on October 23, 1997, in Ludwigshafen am Rhein, and is the top newcomer of 2019. The rapper and singer grew up in the Gartenstadt district under poor circumstances and joined the local football club. In 2017 he completed his school career at a high school with a high school diploma. He then worked as a car mechatronics technician. The estimated net worth of Apache 207 is $ 1 million.

Career as a rapper and singer

He first gained attention as a musician in mid-2018 when his single Kleine H * re was released. With the single Famous, his fame grew to such an extent that Bausa became aware of his label on two sides. Since the beginning of 2019, he has also been part of the label. At the same time, RAF Camora also seems to have been interested, but there was never a signature due to the plastic palm trees 2 tour.

Apache 207 experienced its breakthrough in the mainstream with the release of the song No Problem. As a result, it reached its first chart placement in April 2019. After just a few months, the music video had over eight million views. At the beginning of 2020, the video already had 22 million views.

In August 2019, his first hit appeared with Roller. It went straight to number 2 in the German charts and even reached number 1 the following week. Up until this point, however, Apache 207 only had singles but no albums. The success was continued on October 25, 2019, with the EP record.

The EP contained eight songs, including three titles that he had already released. Among them was the song 200 km / h, which also entered the single charts at number 1.The record has now achieved gold status in Switzerland. This requires at least 10,000 sales.

How Rich is Apache 207?

At that time, some labels were interested in Apache 207, so the market value has increased accordingly. Therefore, it can be assumed that the label contract with TwoSides (Sony) was correspondingly good for Apache 207. A higher-income could be likely as a result.

The artist managed to generate a small fortune in just a short time. The rapper is extremely down-to-earth because even chart placements or the gold record were not publicly announced on social media.

Cash through live shows

Live performances are one of the most important sources of income for artists today. Some shows have already run, especially on the Bausa tour. The feedback here was so intense that Bausa was booed on his tour because the audience wanted to see Apache 207 again.

At the Red Bull 2019 Soundclash, Apache 207 also represented RAF Camora due to flu. The sums of money from large corporations like Red Bull are not to be despised and have significantly expanded the young artist’s fortune.

Income from streaming music

Music streaming is particularly popular among the younger target group. Apache 207 appeals primarily to young listeners and hence are huge profits generated through platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and Co.

Apache 207 has over 4.9 million listeners per month on Spotify alone. The numbers from Apple Music and other platforms are unfortunately hidden and cannot be determined. According to the latest statements made by Summer Cem, among others, German rappers earn around 4,000 euros per million streams.

With his five million monthly listeners, he would earn 20,000 euros if everyone listened to at least one song. But how much revenue have the most popular songs already made?

  • Roller counts 135 million streams; Turnover: 540,000 euros
  • 2002 (feat. Sido ) counts 50 million streams; Turnover: 200,000 euros
  • But that night counts 32 million streams; Turnover: 128,000 euros
  • 200 km / h counts 72 million streams; Turnover: 288,000 euros
  • Why are you doing this to yourself? counts 55 million streams; Turnover: 220,000 euros

These sales figures relate to Spotify and are only an estimate.

Cash flow from YouTube ads

The music videos will be published on its own YouTube channel, which is approaching a million subscribers. The songs do not spread any scenes of violence or anything else, which is why the advertising income via the YouTube partner program should be much higher than it could be the case with an ordinary German rapper.

As can be seen from SocialBlade, an average of 800,000 clicks are achieved every day. The monthly salary on YouTube is up to 70,000 euros. Depending on the CPM, the value could be higher or lower.


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