All of the Masterwork Catalysts in Destiny 2 and How to Get Them

In Destiny 2, numerous exotic weapons can be made into masterpieces with catalysts and thus improved. We’ll show you what all known masterpiece catalysts do and how you can get them.

This is how you can improve many of your weapon exotics: Since the War Spirit expansion for Destiny 2, a large number of exotic weapons have been allowed to shape them into a masterpiece. A masterpiece version embodies an upgrade of the respective weapon, whereby certain stats of the shooting iron are improved or the weapon even receives additional perks.

The key to this is appropriate masterpiece catalysts, which must be found and leveled to unlock the coveted masterpiece variant of the respective weapon at the end.

All masterpiece catalysts in 2020 – this is how you can find them, they can

Not all 70 exotic weapons in Destiny 2 can be upgraded to masterpieces yet.

All masterpiece catalysts in 2020 - this is how you can find them, they can

We have summarized all known and available catalysts including their sources for you below. Note that some of them drop randomly, while others are linked to quests or events.

Still, others are currently no longer available or will soon rotate from the game into the Destiny Content Vault until they are returned at another time. You can find out more about this in this article: 21 weapon exotics and 11 catalysts that you should get before “Beyond the Light”

Masterwork catalysts from any PvE activity

You get these catalysts randomly from all enemies of mankind in any PvE content. So here you need time and luck above all.

Borealis (sniper rifle)

  • Upgrade requirement: 150 void, solar and arc kills each
  • Upgrade effect: reload speed +20

Scarlet (handgun)

  • Upgrade requirement: 300 precision kills
  • Upgrade effect: range + 20

DARCI (sniper rifle)

  • Upgrade requirement: 300 precision kills
  • Upgrade effect: stability + 20
DARCI (sniper rifle)

Tractor cannon (shotgun)

  • Upgrade requirement: 300 kills
  • Upgrade effect: enlarge the magazine from 4 to 7 rounds, “Deeper Pockets” -Perk – increased ammunition reserves

World line zero (sword)

  • Upgrade requirement: You have to hit each end boss of the escalation protocol at least once with a heavy attack. The boss must not be protected by his over the shield
  • Upgrade effect: “Another Dimension” perk – Reduces the activation time for Tesseract

Storm (handgun)

Note with the storm that the catalyst can drop from any enemy, but only on Nessus.

  • Upgrade requirement: 500 kills with storm and 500 kills with the urge. Note that both weapons must be equipped for every 1,000 kills
  • Upgrade effect: range +20, handling +40
Storm (handgun)

Trinity Ghoul (bow)

The Dreifaltigkeitsghoul-Kat drops with a high chance from almost all core activities of PvE such as Gambit or Strikes – but also in the melting pot.

  • Upgrade requirement: 400 kills with the weapon
  • Upgrade effect: The lightning rod perk is triggered with the Kat by every arc damage fatal blow

Cerberus + 1 (automatic rifle)

  • Upgrade requirement: 500 kills
  • Upgrade effect: press and hold the reload button to switch to a narrower spread over a short distance

On the following page, you will find the masterwork catalysts from strikes, heroic adventures, and events.

Masterwork catalysts from strikes

For the following guns, you will get the catalysts randomly from the most challenging opponents (yellow bars) in strikes.

Note: If you are lucky, you will get the latest three cats for the Rat King, Prospector, and Hartes Licht at the end of Nightfalls and Vanguard Strikes.

Coldheart (trace rifle)

  • Upgrade requirement: 300 kills
  • Upgrade effect: stability +20, reload speed +20

Prometheus lens (trace rifle)

  • Upgrade requirement: 300 kills
  • Upgrade effect: stability +20, handling +20

Risky (submachine gun)

  • Upgrade requirement: 300 kills and 300 chain lightning kills
  • Upgrade effect: range +30
Risky (submachine gun)

Wardcliff Coil (Rocket Launcher)

  • Upgrade requirement: 500 kills
  • Upgrade Effect: Pinpoint Guidance Module Perk – Projectiles have improved target tracking

Merciless (Fusion Rifle)

  • Upgrade requirement: 500 kills
  • Upgrade effect: range +40, stability +40

Prospector (grenade launcher)

  • Upgrade requirement: 500 kills
  • Upgrade effect: explosion radius +40, bonus perk “Deeper Pockets” – increased ammunition reserves

Hard light (auto rifle)

  • Upgrade requirement: 1,000 kills
  • Upgrade effect: Stability +25. This gives the weapon maximum stability
Hard light (auto rifle)

Rat king (pistol)

  • Upgrade requirement: 1,000 kills from any task force member with the Rat King
  • Upgrade effect: aiming aid +20, recoil direction +20, bonus perk “Infestation” – triggering invisibility from the “vermin” perk restores health

Masterwork catalysts from heroic adventures

For this weapon, you get the masterpiece catalyst randomly after completing heroic adventures on Mars or Mercury.

Huckleberry (submachine gun)

  • Upgrade requirement: 500 kills
  • Upgrade effect: Kills fill the magazine
Huckleberry (submachine gun)

Masterwork catalysts from events

According to data mining, the catalyst for the lion’s roar was originally intended to come into play as part of an “Arms Week” event. However, it was given as a reward at the previous Festival of the Lost. Since then, it’s been a Random drop from any enemy in PvE.

Lion Roar (Grenade Launcher)

  • Upgrade requirement: forays and kills
  • Upgrade effect: reload speed +30, “Chimera” perk – After firing this weapon, the handling and precision damage of the equipped kinetic and power weapon increase for a short time

Masterwork Catalysts from Strikes, Gambit, and Crucible

Here you will find exotic masterpiece cats available from multiple sources.

These cats can drop at the end of strikes, Gambit games, and PvP matches:

Black Claw (sword)

  • Upgrade requirement: 350 kills
  • Upgrade Effect: Shots blocked immediately after blocking increase the damage of crow wings for a very short time

Lord of the Wolves (shotgun)

  • Upgrade requirement: 500 kills
  • Upgrade effect: Increases the reload speed if “Let go of the wolves” is active and increases the stability if not

Lumina (handgun)

  • Upgrade requirement: Heal allies with Noble Projectiles 250x
  • Upgrade Effect: Get 2 Remnants per killing blow instead of just one
Lumina (handgun)

This gun is available from PvP and Strikes:

Ace of spades (handgun)

  • Upgrade requirement: 500 kills
  • Upgrade Effect: Firefly deals more damage while Memento Mori is active

The following three catalysts could once be earned during group fights, but after the faction rally disappeared they were also no longer available – until season 7. Bungie had announced that these catalysts would be available again in summer 2019 and kept their word. All three catalysts can now drop when completing strikes and at the end of Crucible matches.

Graviton Lance (pulse rifle)

  • Upgrade requirement: 500 kills and 1,000 kills with the cosmology perk
  • Upgrade effect: Range +20, Aiming aid +15, “Hidden Hand” perk – Improved target acquisition

SunShot (handgun)

  • Upgrade requirement: 500 kills and 1,000 kills with the sunburst perk
  • Upgrade effect: range +30, stability +20
Sun Shot (handgun)

Workhorse (automatic rifle)

  • Upgrade requirement: 250 multi-kills
  • Upgrade effect: “Serious Business” perk: As soon as the weapon is turned up completely, the flinch (the shaking of enemy hits) is greatly reduced

Masterwork catalysts from raids

You can find these catalysts in the year 1 raid on the Leviathan and its two wings.

Legend of Acrius (Shotgun)

The catalyst for this exotic shotgun can be found in the prestige version of the Leviathan raid.

  • Upgrade requirement: 500 kills
  • Upgrade effect: reload speed +40, “Deeper Pockets” perk – increased ammunition reserves

Sleeper Simulant (Linear Fusion Rifle)

The catalyst for the sleeper can be found in the star lock wing of the Leviathan raid on the Prestige difficulty level.

  • Upgrade requirement: First you have to collect kills with all three weapons in the escalation protocol – 1,000 with the sniper, 1,000 with the shotgun, and 2,000 with the submachine gun. Then you have to open the oracle box in the heroic whisper mission. Finally, you have to get 500 kills with the Sleeper Simulant yourself.
  • Upgrade effect: Charge time +75, “Accelerated reel” perk – speeds up charging
Sleeper Simulant (Linear Fusion Rifle)

Telesto (fusion rifle)

The catalyst for the Telesto can be found in the world-devouring wing of the Leviathan raid on Prestige.

  • Upgrade Requirement: Complete all verses of Lost Prophecy on Brother Vance. Then you can buy the catalyst from him. Finally, complete the masterpiece upgrade in the weapons forge on the Merkur
  • Upgrade effect: Increases magazine from 4 to 7 rounds, “Deeper Pockets” perk – increased ammunition reserves

Heaven’s Oath (Scout Rifle)

The catalyst for this weapon drops randomly in the normal Leviathan raid.

  • Upgrade requirement: 1,000 Kabal kills
  • Upgrade effect: range +30

Masterwork catalysts from quests

Polaris Lance (Scout Rifle)

The catalyst for the Polaris lance can be found in the 5th quest step of the approaching dawn.

  • Upgrade requirement: 500 kills and 50 “perfect fifth” kills
  • Upgrade effect: “Dragonfly” perk – Precise kills create an explosion of elemental damage
Polaris Lance (Scout Rifle)

Whisper of the Worm (Sniper Rifle)

Once you have mastered the Whisper mission and got the exotic sniper, a heroic version of this mission will be unlocked. If you have also completed this, you will receive the exotic masterpiece catalyst as a reward.

  • Upgrade requirement: Detailed information on the upgrade process is available here – This is how you level the masterpiece catalyst of Whispers of the Worm
  • Upgrade effect: reload speed is increased, “breath control” perk – If you aim through the sight without firing, you get bonus range and precision damage for a moment if you stay in the zoom

Bad Karma (pulse rifle)

You can get the catalyst for the Bad Juju just like the weapon itself from the tribute hall – a new feature from Season 7. There you have to offer another 27 tributes after the 18 tributes given for the shooting iron. Because only for a proud 45 of them there is the exotic masterpiece catalyst.

  • Upgrade requirement: kill opponents with bad karma
  • Upgrade Effect: The casting time of the intrinsic perk Curse Rain is increased

Breakout Perfected (Pulse Rifle)

If you have already successfully left the questline behind you and achieved the outbreak, a heroic version of the corresponding mission will be unlocked here, as with the Whisper. Master this with success and you will receive the exotic masterpiece catalyst as a bonus.

Upgrade requirement:

  • Land precision killing blows with the weapon until 100% is reached
  • Collect SIVA suspended matter – in the mission “Zero Hour”. 20% for one run (1x per week). Another 13% per week is possible with the safe puzzle in the heroic mission. Overall, you can achieve 33% progress for leveling the cat per week
  • Upgrade Effect: Increases Nanite Damage. Enemies eliminated while nanites are attached to them create additional nanites
Breakout Perfected (Pulse Rifle)

Eriana’s Oath (handgun)

This Kat was obtained through the quest “The Vow”, which you got by chance at some point from the armorer Banshee-44 in the tower after you had already received Eriana’s oath.

  • Upgrade requirement: 700 kills
  • Upgrade effect: Increases the magazine by 3 rounds. If the weapon is in the holster, it will be reloaded after a short time

By the way, you can currently no longer earn the catalyst – only if you started the Kat Quest before the end of Season 8 or if you later get the weapon from the Kryptarch. Then there’s the Kat from von Banshee-44 in the tower.

Symmetry (scout rifle)

The Catalyst for Symmetry was granted to you after completing a quest but is currently no longer available. Because meanwhile, this seasonal weapon is no longer available via the Season Pass, but via the Kryptarch. And as with Eriana’s oath, the Kat (from armorer Banshee-44) is only available if you get the weapon from the cryptarch afterward.

  • Upgrade requirement: 700 kills
  • Upgrade Effect: The maximum number of dynamic charge stacks is increased

Tommy’s Matchbook (submachine gun)

The MP itself (from the Season Pass) and the corresponding Kat both come from Season 10 and are currently no longer available in Season 11. If you have already received the Kat from Banshee-44 in the tower, you can level it to the end as normal.

  • Upgrade requirement: 700 kills
  • Upgrade Effect: While the Igniter perk is active, your health recovers much faster
Tommy's Matchbook (submachine gun)

Drought Collector (Grenade Launcher)

You can get the weapon in the current season of arrival via the Season Pass. The self-explanatory short quest for the Kat is then automatically available after a while from Armorer Banshee-44 in the tower.

  • Upgrade requirement: 400 kills
  • Upgrade effect: Improves weapon handling (+40). If the weapon is in the holster, it will automatically load after a short time

Dilapidated image (trace rifle)

Once you’ve got the Decayed Image, it is very easy to get the Kat: You only have to get a few kills with the transmutation sphere of Decayed Image, and you’ll get the catalyst.

  • Upgrade requirement: 5,000 kills with the Exotic or over the 50 eyes of Savathun (3% progress per eye)
  • Upgrade Effect: This weapon deals increased damage to targets damaged by transmutation spheres

Masterpiece catalysts from PvP

These catalysts happen to be there after playing Crucible matches.

Jade Bunny (Scout Rifle)

  • Upgrade requirement: 250 Crucible kills
  • Upgrade effect: Stability +30

MIDA multi-tool (scout rifle)

This catalyst only drops after reaching the Legend rank in the Crucible’s competitive playlist. It is important to reach the 5,500 points and then win a match.

  • Upgrade requirement: 250 precision kills in the Crucible
  • Upgrade effect: “Outlaw Perk” – Precise kills significantly reduce the reload time
MIDA multi tool (scout rifle)

The Colony (Grenade Launcher)

  • Upgrade requirement: 500 kills
  • Upgrade effect: Increases magazine from 7 to 8 rounds, “Deeper Pockets” perk – increased ammunition reserves

Wings of Vigilance (Pulse Rifle)

  • Upgrade requirement: 500 Crucible kills and 5 “Avenge a Teammate” medals
  • Upgrade effect: “Fully automatic trigger system” -Perk – when the shot button is held down, the weapon fires fully automatically
Wings of Vigilance (Pulse Rifle)

SUROS Regime (automatic rifle)

  • Upgrade requirement: 300 kills in the melting pot
  • Upgrade effect: recoil direction +50 (therefore almost only vertical recoil), bonus perk “SUROS Ascendance” – increases the chance of health regeneration when kills

Masterpiece catalyst from the menagerie

The menagerie is a new group activity for 6 players from Season 7. In the heroic mode of this activity, you get the Kat for an exotic weapon from Season 6 as a reward – but so far only this one. It is currently unclear whether further masterpiece catalysts will be submitted in this way.

Izanagi’s Burden (Sniper Rifle)

As soon as you completely upgrade your Chalice of Opulence, i.e. unlock all upgrade nodes, you are guaranteed to receive the catalyst for Izanagi’s burden when mastering the heroic menagerie.

  • Upgrade requirement: 500 enemy kills
  • Upgrade effect: increases the damage from the intrinsic perk Sharpened Blade by approx. 20%.

These exotic weapons are still waiting for their masterpiece catalysts

These exotic weapons are still waiting for their masterpiece catalysts

You cannot upgrade these exotic weapons to masterpieces yet: In total, there are currently 23 exotic guns during the current season 11 that do not yet have a corresponding masterpiece catalyst.

Among other things, there is a lack of catalysts for parts of the exotic Forsaken arsenal. This includes the following weapons:

  • Service offense
  • Wishing
  • A thousand votes
  • The queen breaker
  • Wave splitter
  • Double-tailed fox
  • The chaperone
  • Thunder Lord
These exotic weapons are still waiting for their masterpiece catalysts

There are currently no masterwork catalysts for 4 out of 5 weapon exotics in the Black Armory:

  • Le Monarque
  • anarchy
  • Jotunn
  • The last word

The cats for the two new weapon exotics are also missing

  • mandrel
  • and Arbalest

from season 6 and for

  • the truth
  • as well as Tarrabah

from season 7

Furthermore, the following Exotics are missing, which found their way into the game after the release of Shadowkeep:

  • Monte Carlo
  • Leviathan breath
  • Killer
  • divinity
  • Xenophage
  • The devil’s ruin
  • bastion

For many of these catalysts, however, entries have already been found in the game data of Destiny 2. So it looks as if in the future all weapon exotics will be given appropriate masterpiece catalysts. When exactly is not yet known.

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