Her husband Raphael Longuine was also present. This Saturday afternoon (7), Aline Lima, daughter of the backwoodsman Chitaozinho, of the couple Chitaozinho & Xororo, next to her husband, soccer player Rafael Linguine, left the Vera Cruz Hospital, located in Campinas, with little Sophia on her lap.

Adair Lima, the child’s maternal grandmother, was also present.

The baby is her first daughter with her current husband. Aline is the mother of Manuel Neto, currently 18 years old.

Sophia was born on Wednesday afternoon (4).

On the day of birth, the ‘babona’ mom, posted: “How much emotion, when love, what a moment! How can there be so much love? We are all well! Thank you for the affection we are receiving! 2020 at 14:35 measuring 47cm and weighing 3,390 kg “, she wrote.

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