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Sav Did It Is Set To Drop This Summer


Sav Did it is one of the most talented artists originally belonging to Los Angeles, C.A. United States. He is popularly known today by hip-hop music lovers for his outstanding personality and creative work. This prominent figure is known for his outstanding work being a rapper, producer, songwriter, sound designer, and musician.

Popular Music Tracks

Although every song of Sav Did it has become a tremendous hit; however, some of his exceptionally loved songs include On Sight, Intro/ No Competition, Never Be Me, Evil Ways, Temptations, Liquor Store, I Mean that, Good for Nothing, Cold Freak, Rare Breed, Get Down, Out of Orbit, Fast Life, Ain’t Got Time, Paradise, South L.A., and I Do this. All of these songs are featured on Sound Cloud, YouTube, and his website.

Other Services of Sav Did it

Want to get your song featured with Sav Did it? Well, here’s the good news. Sav Did it offers their promotional services to make your dream come true. Following are some of the services that he offers to his fans:

  • Features – Send your beat and song concept after done with the payment. He will have your feature finished and send it back to you (audio files included) within 24-48 hours of your payment.
  • Studio Time – This offer is available at $50 an hour (2-hour minimum) for SoCal artists who are ready to record their next album or single on professional equipment with industry-quality results. This includes light mixing/effects.
  • Song Mix/Master – This option is for the artists who seek Professional Mixing / Mastering for their music. Just you need to send your full and separated audio files/stems to your song(s). WAV format with correct Tempo / BPM after payment is done. Sav Did it will begin the mixing once all the formalities are completed. Upon completion, you will be sent a final Mix / Master of your song as well as the separated audio files at your disposal.

There are also other options available including Beat Mixing, Live Performance, Tour Mix, Film Scoring, and many others.

Get in Touch with Sav Did it on Social Media

Sav Did it is quite active and updates their fans with their latest work on their social media accounts such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. You can contact him directly either through his website or their social media accounts where he loves to interact and get feedback from their fans.

The Net worth of David Hasselhoff


How rich is David Hasselhoff really?

How much money David Hasselhoff really has in his account is not that easy to say. After all, it wasn’t until 2016 that rumors began to circulate that The Hoff might be completely broke and only have a few hundreds or thousands of dollars in his account. What does his fiancée Hayley Roberts, who is much younger than David, think about it? Our research shows that David Hasselhoff has an estimated net worth of 9 million euros. In any case, David is not exactly a humble guy, and as soon as the money has been flushed into his coffers, he is already spending it with full hands. In addition to the maintenance payments to his ex and his two daughters, David’s personal expenses also have a significant impact, as the following list impressively proves:

  • USD 21,000 per month in maintenance to ex Pamela Bach
  • $ 19,000 per month for his two daughters of age who have no significant income
  • $ 1,617 per month for apparel
  • $ 445 for personal care products
  • $ 2,654 for his cleaning lady/housekeeper per month

As reported in the relevant media, David Hasselhoff had to charge his credit card with an impressive 95,000 US dollars in January 2016 to cover his costs. Of course, he has to pay back the money. The same applies to a good 100,000 US dollars that he still has to pay in taxes in the UK. With the “Baywatch” remake, David Hasselhoff’s financial situation should have improved somewhat by now. However, the actor, who became world-famous not only with “Baywatch” but also with series such as “Knight Rider,” would do well if he either reduced his expenses or increased his income.

According to his own statements, David Hasselhoff earns around 112,107 US dollars per month, which corresponds to a good 104,300 euros. David Hasselhoff can, therefore, only build up a significant financial cushion with difficulty. Also, his 2016 European tour was shortened because the fans hadn’t bought enough tickets. That, too, will have hurt David very much. So far, David Hasselhoff has not been able to save for his pension. Because he needed the money to avoid going into further debt. However, David spends over $ 5,000 a month on life insurance to keep loved ones safe.

The ups and downs in the life of David Hasselhoff

Despite the financial crisis in his life, which can also be attributed to the fact that neither his fiancée nor his adult daughters contribute anything to the moHasselhoff’s monthly household income of live at Daddy’s expense, this is not the absolute low point in David’s life. After all, the world still remembers the video of the drunk, burger-eating David that his daughter made. After all, Taylor-Ann has to be blamed for not publishing her father’s spicy video in 2007. That was done by a family friend who stole the video. So David Hasselhoff had no choice at the time but to admit to his unmistakable alcoholism.

The Hoff private

David seems to have left this chapter behind, however. At the same time, there have been no major successes since then. The “Baywatch” comeback in June 2017 should change this. Maybe David has at least made enough money with the remake to finance Hayley Roberts’ dream wedding. In May 2017, the lovebirds secretly said yes. After being engaged for a year, the two decided to get married. There was a small, intimate wedding ceremony. Hayley Roberts has helped David Hasselhoff a lot in getting his alcohol addiction under control. Mitch Buchannon’s role in the new Baywatch film will be played by none other than Dwayne The Rock Johnson. David Hasselhoff, on the other hand, has a small guest appearance.

The fact that the German-American, whose roots can be found on his father’s side in Volkersen a good 30 kilometers south of Bremen, was sometimes more successful in this country than in the USA, continues to amuse. In films such as “Eurotrip” and “Voll Auf die Nusse,” this is exactly what is alluded to. The fact that a new type of crustacean was christened “Hoff Crab” in 2010 should also play into its critics’ cards. Because the researcher discovered this deep-sea crab named the crab after David Hasselhoff because of the dense bristles on its belly. This would have reminded the responsible scientist of the splendid chest hair of the actor and singer.

Rick Ness Net Worth, Sporting and Musician Career


How much money does Rick Ness have?

Rick Ness is an American who grew up with construction machinery in his area. Nevertheless, in his childhood, it was not really foreseeable which path he would take. The talented footballer had to end his career after an injury. He then became a musician and met the gold miner Parker Schnabel during a tour. This encounter should change his life. From season 3, Rick Ness became part of the series Gold Rush in Alaska. As a gold prospector and star of the series, he became a millionaire. Rick Ness’s estimated net worth is $ 2.5 million.

Childhood and family construction business

Rick Ness was born on March 5th, 1981, in Escanaba, Michigan. There he grew up and spent his childhood and youth. Together with his twin brother, he learned how to handle heavy machinery in the family construction company at an early age. He did not have any experience in gold mining. However, since the machines used in construction and gold mining are similar, he acquired basic knowledge to help him in the series Gold Rush in Alaska.

Sports career and musician

During his time in college, the young American focused on college football. His dream was a professional career. But at the beginning of his career, he suffered a serious head injury. The dream of a professional career was over, and a plan B was needed for Rick Ness. He joined the 357 Stringband early on and became a musician. When he went to a concert as a young man, he saw the band 357 Stringband – but Rick Ness found the musician on bass terrible and applied himself as a replacement. He took his chance and is a 357 string band member to date.

The beginnings of the gold rush in Alaska

Rick Ness and Parker Schnabel met by chance. The two men were sympathetic and had a long conversation. The musician Ness expressed interest in working as a gold prospector. In the third season, Nick Ress came to the series Gold Rush in Alaska. He started his career in the Schnabel team as a truck and bulldozer driver, as he was already familiar with heavy machinery on the construction site. Over time, Ness continued to develop his skills. Due to his rapid learning progress and great motivation, Parker Schnabel promoted him to foreman. During the adventure in the jungle, Rick Ness resigned from Schnabel’s team. However, this should not be the end of his career as a gold prospector in the Alaska Gold Rush.

Own team at gold rush in Alaska

One of the founding fathers of the television series Todd Hoffmann announced his exit from the gold rush in Alaska at the end of season eight. The former foreman at Parker led his own team from season nine. In their first year, his team mined over 1,100 ounces of gold on the Quartz Creek claim. In season 10, Rick Ness hiked to a new claim in the Keno City area. However, his team only mined half of the ounces from the previous year. In the spin-off, Gold Rush: Parker’s Klondike Adventure (Gold Rush: Parkers Trail ), Rick Ness and Parker Schnabel are on the road to follow in the first gold footsteps of miners. In the different seasons, the team led through the Guyana jungle, New Guinea and Australia.

SeasonMining claimYield (ounces)Value of gold (at the time)
9Quartz Creek1105$ 1.3 million
10Duncan Creek547$ 0.9 million

Valtteri Bottas Net Worth

Date of birth28 August 1989 (age 31)
Born inVillähde, Nastola, Finland
marital statusin a relationship with Tiffany Cromwell (since 2020)
jobformula 1 driver
Full nameValtteri Viktor Bottas

How rich is Valtteri Bottas?

Valtteri Bottas is a very successful Formula 1 racing driver from Finland. He was born on August 28, 1989, in Nastola in the south of the country. He was emerging and victorious in Formula 3 and the GP3 series before moving into Formula 1 in 2013. Having arrived in Formula 1, he joined the Mercedes racing team in 2017, where Bottas earned a really good salary as a Formula 1 driver. Valtteri Bottas’s estimated net worth is € 22 million.

Salary at Mercedes & Sponsors

The contract that Valtteri Bottas signed with Mercedes for the 2017 season earned him, for the first time, a salary of 7.5 million euros per season. Until recently, this contract was “only” extended by one additional F1 season. This means that Mercedes always keeps a back door open and can keep the Finn on a short leash. The salary is said not to have increased since 2017, although the bonuses for reaching certain placements have been increased. However, only the team itself knows what these look like.

Besides his Formula 1 salary, Bottas also receives a lot of money from his sponsors, the Scandinavian locking system manufacturer Abloy and the British private jet rental company insights. At the end of the 2018 season, however, the Finnish company Wihuri ended its long-term collaboration with Bottas after being without a race win for a year. Wihuri had already supported the Formula 1 driver financially when he was still driving in the lower-class racing series. The company had paid Mercedes a million-dollar amount so that the racing team signed Valtteri Bottas.

The beginnings in Formula

Like every future racing driver, Valtteri Bottas gained his first experience in karting. In 2005 he finished eighth in the World Kart Championship. A year later, he switched to Formula Renault. There he won three of four races in the British Formula Renault winter series in the 2007 season. However, because he did not have a license to be counted for the championship, he was denied the title. He won both the Eurocup and the Northern European Cup of Formula Renault in the 2008 season.

For the 2009 season, Bottas switched to Formula 3 and immediately took third place in the overall standings. At the end of the season, he won the Formula 3 Masters, the unofficial European championship in the racing class. A year later, he repeated this triumph, making him the first racing driver to win the Formula 3 Masters more than once.

Bottas on the move to Formula

Valtteri Bottas in Formula 3 did not go unnoticed by the teams in Formula 1, so Bottas drew the attention of the Formula 1 teams. In early 2010, Williams signed him as a test driver. While he continued to participate in Formula 3, he completed numerous training sessions for Williams between 2010 and 2012. At the same time, he won the GP3 series in the 2011 season but then decided not to participate in other racing series. Rather, he wanted to concentrate on his role as a Formula 1 test driver.

With the 2013 season, Williams hired Valtteri Bottas as a regular driver. In his Formula 1 debut, which he made at the Australian Grand Prix, he finished 14th. He received his first World Championship points when he crossed the finish line in eighth place in the penultimate race of 2013, the US Grand Prix.

First victories with Mercedes

Valtteri Bottas stayed with Williams until 2016. His best place in the World Championship was fourth in the 2014 season. In 2017, he switched to Mercedes and replaced Nico Rosberg, who previously won the same racing car’s F1 World Championship. In his first year with the new employer Mercedes (Head of Motorsport Toto Wolff ), Bottas finished third in the World Championship. He achieved his first race victory in Formula 1 at the Russian Grand Prix in April 2017. Two more wins followed in the same season. However, 2018 was disappointing for the Finn: Without a single victory, he only finished 5th in the World Cup. visit here.

Lucas Cordalis: The Singer’s Net Worth


How rich is Lucas Cordalis?

Lucas Cordalis earns his living as a composer, music producer and singer. He was born on August 7, 1967, in Frankfurt am Main. He became known in 1997 with the song Viva la Noche. This song was a joint production with his father and sister. Lucas has been in a relationship with Daniela Katzenberger since 2014, and the two have been married since June 4, 2016. The estimated net worth of Lucas Cordalis is 3 million euros.

Rise to a successful singer

As the son of the world-famous singer Costa Cordalis, his singing talent was recognized early on and promoted accordingly. Lucas appeared at a young age as a chorister for Costa’s songs, including the well-known song Anita. Lucas Cordalis re-recorded this hit in 2020 and is following in his father’s footsteps.

The breakthrough came with Viva la Noche’s song, which was featured in the ZDF TV garden and the ZDF hit parade. From 2002, Lucas Cordalis was mostly in Mallorca. He founded his record label Supersonic Entertainment Mallorca and set up his recording studio on the Spanish island.

In the meantime, over 10 million records have been sold, in which Lucas Cordalis was involved – for example, as a songwriter, composer or in production. This has also resulted in numerous gold and platinum awards. In the in-house studio on Mallorca, Lucas has already worked with stars like David Hasselhoff and DJ Bobo as a producer and remixer.

His father, Costa Cordalis, took part in the 2004 TV show Ich bin ein Star: Get Me Out Of Here! in part, this is Lucas, the single jungle king produced. The single stayed in the German top ten charts for over eight weeks. That was also a financial success.

Lucas Cordalis in many TV shows

To further increase his awareness, Lucas Cordalis took part in numerous TV programs. He was first seen in 2004 on RTL’s Star Duell program, which was a singing competition in which nine other stars took part alongside Lucas. The jury consisted of Nina Hagen, Caroline Beil, Roberto Blanco and Daniel Küblböck. Sonja Zietlow moderated the show. The show was not a great success, which is why it was canceled early.

In 2014 he took part in the ProSieben Promiboxen and won against Marcus Schenkenberg. The following year he took part in the TV Total Wok World Cup. In 2018, the singer was also a participant in the second season of Global Gladiators, which he even won. In 2019 he took part in Schlag the Star, where he competed against Paul Janke and won 100,000 euros.

Husband of Daniela Katzenberger

He is mainly present in the media because he is married to the model Daniela Katzenberger. His wife is not only a model but also a writer, singer and reality show actress. Lucas Cordalis is, of course, also used in the shows with the cat. Daniela’s media presence also benefits her husband. The cat’s debut album was released in 2016 with Lucas Cordalis and entered Germany at number 81. Her first single was released in 2010 and reached number 19 in Germany.

Lucas also shows the latest insights into his life on Instagram, which means that he already has over 500,000 subscribers. Daniele Katzenberger is, of course, also present on social media channels. The couple knows how to present themselves. He gained a lot of attention in 2020 with a song he shared with Daniela Katzenberger on Instagram about the coronavirus issue. In any case, we will certainly continue to see a lot more about Lucas Cordalis and his cat on TV and the Internet. click here.

The King of Mali Mansa Musa’s Net Worth


How rich was Mansa Musa?

At the beginning of the 14th century, Mansa Musa was the ruler of a prosperous kingdom in West Africa: the Mali Empire. As such, he had access to so much gold and salt (which was very valuable at the time) that he is now regarded as one of the richest people of all time. Because he was extremely generous on a pilgrimage, he even triggered hyperinflation. The former estimated net worth of Mansa Musa was 325 billion euros.

This is how Mansa Musa came to be rich

Mansa Musa is now considered to be one of the richest people who have ever lived and would put the richest people in the world today in the shade. When he became king of the Mali Empire in western Africa at the beginning of the 14th century (in 1307 or 1312), it had great wealth thanks to its favorable location on the Trans-Sahara Route. The kingdom generated imposing income through taxes on merchandise and with it Mansa Musa a huge fortune. Also, Mali had huge gold deposits that Mansa Musa knew how to use to build up his private fortune. His country also mined large amounts of salt, which was an extremely valuable currency in sub-Saharan Africa at the time.

Donable pilgrimage

Musa became king of the Mali Empire around 1312 after his predecessor Abubakari II abdicated to go on a research trip. With this, Musa took over the title of ruler, Mansa. When he embarked on an eight-month pilgrimage to Mecca from November 1324, he gained fame throughout North Africa and the Arab world. Because he traveled with a huge following of around 60,000 people, this included about 12,000 slaves, each of whom carried 1.8 kilograms of gold in the form of bars. The 80 camels that accompanied the train were each loaded with up to 136 kilograms of gold dust. The king fed and provided for his entire entourage and gave gold to all the poor people he saw along the way. He also regularly went shopping in the markets and paid in gold. The merchants took advantage of the generosity and called exorbitant prices – which Mansa Musa and his entourage readily paid.

Hyperinflation in North Africa

The generous use of gold that Mansa Musa displayed ensured that the precious metal in North Africa lost massive amounts of its exchange value. The Egyptian dinar lost a quarter of its value within a short time and only reached its old level twelve years later. Musa himself ran into financial difficulties on the way back because most of his gold was used up. To continue his journey home, he had to borrow money.

Great contribution to education in Mali

On his way back to Mali, Musa incorporated Timbuktu’s city into Mali and subsequently made it a cultural and economic center of Africa and Islam. Numerous scholars and architects from the Arab region, who accompanied him on Mecca’s return, had schools and mosques built in his kingdom and the educational system expanded.

The beginning of the end of the kingdom

Mansa Musa is one of the richest people in history but still surpasses Jakob Fugger, who is considered the richest person of all time. Mansa Musa probably died around 1332 or 1337 after ruling for around 25 years. His son Magha became his heir to the throne. Disputes between his successors and the members of former ruling families finally ushered in the Mali Empire’s fall at the end of the 14th century.

Jens Hilbert: The Net Worth of The Entrepreneur


How much money does Jens Hilbert have?

Jens Hilbert is just different. This used to make the entrepreneur an outsider who was bullied for his homosexuality. In the meantime, Jens Hilbert has capitalized on his otherness, for example, with “Celebrity Big Brother.” The entrepreneur is said to have a fortune in the millions. It is also good to live as a supposed outsider with such a financial cushion, especially since the book author has long since found his private love happiness. The estimated net worth of Jens Hilbert is 8 million euros.

Jens Hilbert as managing director at hair-free GmbH

The reality TV star grew up in Odenwald. While his parents worked in the solarium industry, the son first completed an apprenticeship as a banker. This was followed by a degree in business administration. To finance his degree in business administration, Jens Hilbert temporarily worked as a waiter. In 2005 the step into self-employment followed. Jens Hilbert became an Hai free franchisee and opened his first shop in the elegant Westend of Frankfurt.

The institute, which specializes in hair removal, quickly became so successful under Hilbert’s leadership that other locations in Darmstadt, Russelsheim, and Michelstadt followed. The entrepreneur baked his bread rolls as a franchisee until 2008, before moving to the company’s management. Hilbert is the managing director of hair-free GmbH together with Chris Kettner. This shows that the top management recognized Jens Hilbert’s entrepreneurial talent. In 2015, the now wealthy entrepreneur was seen on “Secret Millionaire,” a real-life documentary. However, this should not be his last foray into television.

A successful TV career

Even before his appearance on “Secret Millionaire,” Jens Hilbert appeared on Catwalk 30+ on TV. With this TLC format, the entrepreneur was allowed to count himself on the jury. The aspiring author knew how to use this platform for himself. After all, his television appearances brought him additional publicity for his book “The World Belongs to the Brave: The Guide to Extraordinary Careers.” In 2015 Hilbert was allowed to participate in “Celebrity Shopping Queen” (moderation: Guido Maria Kretschmer ). Rather, he was also seen this year on “Punkt 12” on RTL.

Participation in Celebrity Big Brother & Co

Another Punkt 12 appearance followed in 2016. “Galileo” also reported on the eccentric entrepreneur this year. The ProSieben show was about the everyday life of German millionaires in particular. As a TV candidate in these various shows, Jens Hilbert became known and also popular. Jens Hilbert did not keep his wealth behind the mountain in the media either. 2017 was another successful TV year for this man. In August 2017, he not only took part in the “NDR Talk Show”. His participation in “Celebrity Big Brother” could not have been more successful either. After all, the entrepreneur won in the fifth season of the format. He donated his fee from Celebrity Big Brother of 77,777 euros to the aid organization “Ein Herz für Kinder”.

In 2018, Sat.1 broadcast. A report on the millionaire. Hilbert was then seen in the format “Promis Privat – Mein (almost) perfect life.” Even if many television viewers would describe this man as shrill, he finds himself completely normal – even when he is wearing a flashy floral suit. Jens Hilbert also feels extremely rich not only financially but also in other areas of his life. The entrepreneur does not mind that Hilbert is repeatedly photographed and spoken to because he is noticeable. Because he knows that this publicity also tends to be good for his career. Jens Hilbert expressly does not shy away from celebrities or status.

The Rapper Apache 207 Net Worth & Career


How much money does Apache 207 have?

Apache 207 (civil: Volkan Yaman) was born on October 23, 1997, in Ludwigshafen am Rhein, and is the top newcomer of 2019. The rapper and singer grew up in the Gartenstadt district under poor circumstances and joined the local football club. In 2017 he completed his school career at a high school with a high school diploma. He then worked as a car mechatronics technician. The estimated net worth of Apache 207 is $ 1 million.

Career as a rapper and singer

He first gained attention as a musician in mid-2018 when his single Kleine H * re was released. With the single Famous, his fame grew to such an extent that Bausa became aware of his label on two sides. Since the beginning of 2019, he has also been part of the label. At the same time, RAF Camora also seems to have been interested, but there was never a signature due to the plastic palm trees 2 tour.

Apache 207 experienced its breakthrough in the mainstream with the release of the song No Problem. As a result, it reached its first chart placement in April 2019. After just a few months, the music video had over eight million views. At the beginning of 2020, the video already had 22 million views.

In August 2019, his first hit appeared with Roller. It went straight to number 2 in the German charts and even reached number 1 the following week. Up until this point, however, Apache 207 only had singles but no albums. The success was continued on October 25, 2019, with the EP record.

The EP contained eight songs, including three titles that he had already released. Among them was the song 200 km / h, which also entered the single charts at number 1.The record has now achieved gold status in Switzerland. This requires at least 10,000 sales.

How Rich is Apache 207?

At that time, some labels were interested in Apache 207, so the market value has increased accordingly. Therefore, it can be assumed that the label contract with TwoSides (Sony) was correspondingly good for Apache 207. A higher-income could be likely as a result.

The artist managed to generate a small fortune in just a short time. The rapper is extremely down-to-earth because even chart placements or the gold record were not publicly announced on social media.

Cash through live shows

Live performances are one of the most important sources of income for artists today. Some shows have already run, especially on the Bausa tour. The feedback here was so intense that Bausa was booed on his tour because the audience wanted to see Apache 207 again.

At the Red Bull 2019 Soundclash, Apache 207 also represented RAF Camora due to flu. The sums of money from large corporations like Red Bull are not to be despised and have significantly expanded the young artist’s fortune.

Income from streaming music

Music streaming is particularly popular among the younger target group. Apache 207 appeals primarily to young listeners and hence are huge profits generated through platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and Co.

Apache 207 has over 4.9 million listeners per month on Spotify alone. The numbers from Apple Music and other platforms are unfortunately hidden and cannot be determined. According to the latest statements made by Summer Cem, among others, German rappers earn around 4,000 euros per million streams.

With his five million monthly listeners, he would earn 20,000 euros if everyone listened to at least one song. But how much revenue have the most popular songs already made?

  • Roller counts 135 million streams; Turnover: 540,000 euros
  • 2002 (feat. Sido ) counts 50 million streams; Turnover: 200,000 euros
  • But that night counts 32 million streams; Turnover: 128,000 euros
  • 200 km / h counts 72 million streams; Turnover: 288,000 euros
  • Why are you doing this to yourself? counts 55 million streams; Turnover: 220,000 euros

These sales figures relate to Spotify and are only an estimate.

Cash flow from YouTube ads

The music videos will be published on its own YouTube channel, which is approaching a million subscribers. The songs do not spread any scenes of violence or anything else, which is why the advertising income via the YouTube partner program should be much higher than it could be the case with an ordinary German rapper.

As can be seen from SocialBlade, an average of 800,000 clicks are achieved every day. The monthly salary on YouTube is up to 70,000 euros. Depending on the CPM, the value could be higher or lower.

The Youtuber Erik Range’s Net Worth

Date of birth10 April 1977 (age 43)
Born inBraunschweig, Germany
marital statuspartnered with Pandorya
Full nameErik Range

How much money does Gronkh have?

There are people who love computer games and spend a lot of time with them. But some people do the same and earn a lot of money for it. One of those lucky guys who can finance his life with his hobby is Gronkh. The sympathetic gamer is currently clearly dominating the online portal YouTube with his videos. On June 25, 2014, it cracked a magical mark and had since enjoyed three million subscribers. There are now over 4.8 million. It should be obvious that these numbers bring nice merit. The YouTuber Gronkh was able to amass an estimated fortune of 2 million euros with videos.

Youtube isn’tisn’t the only source of income for Gronkh, however. On the one hand, the life shows Let’sLet’s Play Together, where he and Salazar stood in front of the camera on MyVideo from 2012-2014 to present games. The ProSiebenSat1 Group contributed a lot to the success of Studio 71. For a long time, money came into the house through the PlayNation.de website. According to Gronkh and Sarazar’sSarazar’s statements, this site’s advertising revenue earned them a normal salary. Since the two will act as managing directors of PlayMassive GmbH until the beginning of 2018 and employ a horde of employees, we estimate the salary a little higher. He is currently broadcasting his program on his two Twitch channels, “Gronkh” and “GronkhTV,” with an official radio license.

Youtube can make a lot of money

What Gronkh earns thanks to YouTube, probably only he knows. Only assumed earnings could be calculated based on around 35 million views. About 75% of these calls have to be deducted, affecting those viewers who use Adblock. This system makes it possible to hide advertising on the Internet completely. The remaining views bring about two euros per thousand viewers on YouTube. The calculation results in an income of around 180 thousand euros per year. This sum is around six times the income of an average earner. He is not yet one of the richest YouTubers, like his Swedish colleague Pewdiepie, but dominates Germany’s video view statistics.

It should be said that, as mentioned, Gronkh’sGronkh’s YouTube videos are by no means his only source of money. He also earns money with the successful Twitch channel. On the gaming platform Twitch, Gronkh has been streaming at least once a week since the end of 2014, and everyone can watch him gaming live. With over 500,000 followers on Twitch, the YouTube star generates enormous reach here too.

Who is Gronkh anyway?

Gronkh’sGronkh’s real name is Erik Range, and he was born on April 10, 1977, in Braunschweig. According to his own, rather jokingly intended information, his pseudonym originated from the name Gregor Ankh. Gronkh is a co-founder of PlayMassive GmbHand since June 2010, one of the managing directors. The second managing director is Valentin Rahmel, who is best known on the Internet as Salazar and often appears together with Gronkh. PlayMassive is a website that provides the latest news, reviews, and tips on computer games. In 2010, Gronkh started his Let’sLet’s Play videos, which he has published regularly since then. During his Let’sLet’s Plays, Gronkh records sequences in current computer games and comments on them very specially. It all started with a test recording of an online game that appeared on Gronkh’sGronkh’s YouTube channel at the time.

Money blessing through gambling

Today Gronkh belongs to the Let’sLet’s Play elite in Germany. It is precisely these Let’sLet’s Plays that give the German the merit that was already mentioned earlier. Game manufacturers jump on this extremely successful bandwagon and use Gronkh’sGronkh’s popularity for their advertising purposes, which they hope to achieve through cooperation. Increasing sales figures also let the youtuber’syoutuber’s salary curve rise again. So it happens that game developers ask Gronkh for his opinion even before a game is released and let him test the game. This cooperation brings higher profits for both sides. Let’sLet’s Plays first appeared in America around eight years ago and consisted of screenshots with comments. But what constitutes the fascination that leads to this windfall? Instead of gambling themselves, what makes people watch Gronkh do this?

Fascination and enthusiasm while watching

The answer is quite easy. On the one hand, people want to get an idea of ​​the computer game. Others look at those sequences where they stalled in the game and hope for a solution. In the meantime, a third group has emerged. You don’t want to play yourself; you want to watch Gronkh master the game’s tasks. The open, spontaneous, and, above all, not rehearsed statements are particularly appealing. Maybe it is the feeling of watching the big brother play that attracts people so magically, and that makes Let’sLet’s Plays so popular. In addition to the coveted Let’sLet’s Plays, Gronkh, as mentioned above, enjoys other sources of income.

Gambling can be hard work too

The fact is, one could get the impression that Gronkh was leading a fun and easy-going life and raking in thousands of euros for it. Far from it, the gaming world also requires hard work, often for more than eight hours a day. It is also a fact that the beginning was tough, and Salazar’sSalazar’s mother had to support the two financially. In the meantime, the tide has turned. However, nobody knows how much money is flowing into Gronkh’sGronkh’s pockets every day. However, insiders’ estimates are in the millions for an annual income, and it looks like the upper limit is still open.

Dagi Bee: YouTuber’s Net Worth

Date of birth21 September 1994 (age 26)
Born inDusseldorf, Germany
marital statusmarried to Eugen Kazakov (since 2018)
jobYouTuber, entrepreneur
Full nameDagmar Nicole Kazakov (girl name: Ochmanczyk)
NicknameDagi Bee

How much money does Dagi Bee have?

Dagi Bee (civil: Dagmar Nicole Ochmanczyk, today: Kazakov) was born on September 21, 1994, in Dusseldorf. She is now married to film editor Eugen Kazakov and runs several extremely successful companies. However, the focus is on her as a web video producer, YouTuber. The estimated net worth of Dagi Bee is 1.5 million euros.

Dagi Bee on YouTube

Before Dagi Bee gained nationwide fame through YouTube, she first began training as an industrial clerk. From 2011 to 2015, she was in a relationship with the then well-known YouTuber LionT. Her own YouTube channel was created in June 2012 after being frequently seen on her then boyfriend’s videos. Her first video was released in October 2012. In her videos, she mainly deals with cosmetics and fashion.

As early as May 2013, Dagi Bee was so well known that a fan event on Hamburg’s Rathausmarkt had to be canceled by the police shortly after it started because the crowd could endanger the safety of the public. At the beginning of 2014, another fan meeting followed in Cologne and BibisBeautyPalace, but this was not registered with the community. Some fans were also slightly injured here. The result was a fine against Dagi Bee and BibisBeautyPalace.

However, this has not done any harm. In September 2014, Dagi Bee celebrated one million subscribers, making it one of the largest German YouTube channels. She also won the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award 2015 under the title “Favorite video blogger: Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.” She won this award again in 2016.

Appearances in other plants

In 2015 she was part of the film “Potato Salad – Don’t Ask!”, released in German cinemas in July 2015. This is still considered the worst film in the world today, as reported by WELT or Moviepilot, among others.


She was also seen as an actress in the music video “Are You Real” by KC Rebell and Moe. With her appearance, she had made the music video in the headlines. Today the music video has over 65 million clicks. Apparently, she had met her husband Eugen Kazakov here, who had taken over the music video production.

Income streams from private labels

In 2016 the first own-brand was founded: Beetique by Dagi Bee. These are cosmetic products, which include mascara, lipsticks, and make-up. The products were initially sold in the DM drugstore with their own display. An online shop followed later. There is also a Boutique Concept Store in the Their gallery in Dortmund.

However, at the end of 2019, there was a setback for the web video producer. DM ended their cooperation with Beetique after the demand was no longer strong enough. DM has marked the products with “Sale” in the branches.

Income from YouTube

The YouTube channel Dagi Bee has around 4 million subscribers. With the YouTube partner program, everyone has the opportunity to participate in the advertising revenue. Dagi Bee has been doing this since the beginning of her career, and thus the corresponding video content or video equipment can also be paid for. This creates a respectable income.

Cosmetics and fashion are considered extremely advertising-friendly on YouTube, and thus the YouTuber’s channels have correspondingly higher CPM numbers. This means that Dagi earns significantly more than someone who would make videos on sensitive topics or who are highly polarized because of its content.

YouTube does not disclose how high the video producers’ earnings are, but the stars also keep themselves hidden. However, income is not too scarce. SocialBlade makes estimates of YouTube revenue. Dagi Bee has a monthly YouTube salary of up to 12,500 euros.

Beetique pop-up stores with merchandise

Also, Dagi Bee runs a pop-up store tour at various locations almost every year. In 2018 this concept was extremely well received by the fans, as around 50,000 visitors came to this event. Here are products of their brand Beetique and their merchandise products sold. The profit margins are extremely high, especially with textiles, which means that these events will certainly be worthwhile in the future.